A brand new year means brand new events to attend throughout the year. The best way to kick off the new year is by indulging in amazing food and getting out of the house. One of the best events in North Carolina is at this botanical garden where you can stuff your face with oysters and drink lots of booze.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is hosting its third annual Oyster Roast on Jan. 26 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Not only will you be able to eat some amazing oysters, but you'll be able to check out what is starting to bloom in the gardens. 

Even if you aren't a big fan of these slimy delicacies, you can still enter the gardens with your friends and purchase a few cocktails so you can be on their level, just without the oysters.

There will be oyster dumps every half hour and you can eat as many as your body can handle. All the fixings will be included as well like crackers, hot sauce, cocktail sauce and even shucking kits because who can open an oyster without one of those?

Live music will be played by LA Acoustics, so you can jam out and take a step back from reality for a little bit. 

There will also be booze for purchase because what's a party without some cocktails? Some star beverages you'll be able to purchase are beer, wine, Bloody Mary’s and Moscow Mules. 

The entire event will be held under a covered pavilion, so if Mother Nature decides to not cooperate, you can still get your grub on with nothing stopping you. There will be heaters too to keep you nice and toasty.

North Carolina is slammed packed with many different events this year and you need to check out at least some of them.

There will be a Cheerwine festival in May that will bring all your childhood dreams to life and a taco festival in March with over 15 taco vendors. 


Oyster Roast 

Price: $50

When: January 26

Address: 6500 South New Hope Rd., Belmont, NC

Why You Need To Go: You'll get admission to the gardens, all you can eat oysters and be able to listen to live music for one great price.

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