Some of the best parts about fall are the fairs and carnivals that come to town. Many stay for only a short week in September or early October, so you may be thinking that carnival season has come and gone. Think again because this fair in Georgia is in session until next month and they have the best deals that totally make the trip worth it. 

the Kiwanis Henry County Fair in McDonough is a vintage concept dating back to 1922. It has since become a tradition full of enthralling rides, deliciously greasy fair food and lots of live entertainment. Just being out in the cool fall air surrounded by bright lights, laughter and tons of adrenaline set the vibe for the kind of happiness you felt during your childhood. The fair is the perfect place to unleash your inner kid and venture onto some speedy and swirly carnival rides.

The Kiwanis Henry Fair has everything you need when it comes to an adrenaline rush, including gravity-defying attractions, tilt-a-whirls, swings that fly high and of course, the classic ferris wheel and merry-go-round. They even have a unique sledge hammer-style ferris wheel if you're feeling frisky. 

Most of the Georgia State Fairs have come and gone, but Kiwanis pops up a bit later to keep the carnival season alive.

Their timing is actually perfect because it includes Halloween and since it's later in the month, you can bring out your sweaters and boots to cozy up on the ferris wheel with your boo.

Carnival ride tickets are often ridiculously over-priced and it should be a crime to charge that much just to get some genuine thrills. The best part about Kiwanis Henry Fair is that you can ride unlimited rides for only $20 every single night! There are plenty of other specialty promos as well, including free admission for high school and college students on Tuesdays and free admission for those who wear their costumes on Halloween. 

If your Halloween plans are still up in the air, we definitely recommend spending your spooky night at the fair. There is much more than just rides. The stage features live music every night from local performers and it wouldn't be a fair without a petting zoo. Definitely come hungry to eat all the classic fair food like pizza, turkey legs, ribbons fries and funnel cakes.

It's not too late to squeeze in one more night at the carnival this fall because it ends on Nov. 3. Take advantage of these rare unlimited rides for cheap before time runs out!

For more thrilling adventures in Georgia, keep tabs on Georgia's first ever $1 billion casino and resort with an amusement park (if the gambling bill passes) and grab your tickets to this $10 carnival-themed rave in December.


Kiwanis Henry County Fair

Price: $20

When: October 30-November 3

Address: 101 Lake Dow Rd., McDonough, GA 30252

Why You Need To Go: Hang on to the last bit of carnival season with unlimited exciting rides and yummy fair food for an unbeatable price.


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