When it comes to outdoor activities like hiking, Florida misses some of the ecosystems its neighbor states have. However, there is a nature preserve in Florida perfect for hikers and adventure seekers alike. The Garden of Eden trail is the perfect place to get a good workout and explore wildlife.

The wonderful ecosystem is located in Bristol, Florida and legends claim this is where the original Garden of Eden was. Currently is called the Apalachicola Bluffs & Ravines Preserve where many longleaf pines live and is home to The Apalachicola River.

You can explore enchanting nature within its 3.75-mile round-trip hiking trail. This will lead you toward Florida’s most famous geological exposure, Alum Bluff where you can relax by the rocks and take in the sunset.

Throughout the hike, you will discover a dramatic steephead ravine, which is a stream descending through the slope forest. Here you will see one of the rarest habitats on earth.

If you are planning to visit North Florida, we definitely recommend hiking shoes.

The trail is open daily from dusk to dawn and to arrive at the Garden of Eden you need to go by foot. Also, you need to take extra precaution as the place is home to many snakes. No matter what, this place is extremely magical and you will feel like in heaven. 

Before you go, you need to take State Road 12 East From State Road 20 in Bristol. This will guide you toward the sign “Garden of Eden Trail”.

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