The state of Georgia is filled with farmland. On road trips through the state, you see so many cows and corn fields you stop noticing them halfway through your trip. This one farm in the southern part of the state is one that you will want to stop and explore. 

Copper Creek Farm is not just a regular farm, it has rows of sunflowers that you can actually pick.

The location also has hayrides, pig races, a petting barn, and so many more things to explore and do after you gather your bunch of sunflowers.

Summertime is prime time for these plants, but most fields are on private property, so you can only admire the flowers from afar which makes it difficult to actually take in the beauty of them.

At Copper Creek, you can go down the rows of flowers and take photos, touch them, and take some home with you after. 

This farm allows you to spend as much time and take as many pictures as you want with the plants, without having to worry about getting caught on private property.

June 14 starts the summer-long sunflower festival at the farm that goes until July 6. You can go multiple times during this time to get fresh sunflowers for any event, or even just for decor in your house. 

Here is the coolest part about this whole get to handpick your own flowers. For an extra charge of $7 when you go, you get a bucket that you get to keep, and you can fill it with sunflowers. 

Sunflowers at the grocery store are upwards of $5 and are not always the best quality. For only a few bucks more, you are getting the freshest picks. 

Admission to the farm is around $14.95 plus tax and you can partake in any of the activities on the property with your general admission.  

You better start planning your trip now because once it opens, it will be booming with customers.

Copper Creek Farms is located at 1514 Reeves Station Rd. Calhoun, GA. 

Sunflower Picking At Copper Creek Farms

Price: $14.95 plus $7 if you want to pick flowers.

Address: 1514 Reeves Station Rd. Calhoun, GA

Why you need to go: You can go into the sunflower fields and pick them if you want.


If you do plan to visit the location, respect the environment.


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