Are you looking for an adventure that you can take from your couch? Despite temporary state and national park closures, the Grand Canyon's Virtual Field Trips will take you to the gorge without leaving your home. Get ready to unleash your inner explorer.

If you can't find the time to visit Arizona's well-known canyon, no worries. The Grand Canyon's online tours will let you explore remote areas throughout the park using imaging tools. 

You can choose between unguided explorations, learn about the mystery of Blacktail Canyon or explore the layers of superposition. 

Unguided excursions allow you to discover interesting spots along the 280-mile long Colorado River. The best part? You can traverse the area at your own pace. So, when you leave to get a snack, you'll be able to immerse yourself all over again. 

These tours are all free! All you need is a comfy spot, a computer, and access to the internet. 

It gets even better. You'll also have access to videos from top scientists that explain facts and some history of the area.

It'll feel like you're actually on a guided tour for free. Count us in.

The park remains open if you prefer to visit in person, however, only limited services are available.

Why not opt for a virtual visit in your pajamas? 

One spot worth exploring is the Lower Colorado Confluence. The water is such a beautiful blue that it looks unreal.

According to Geochemist Dr. Laura Crossey, the water is blue due to Co2 molecules scattering the UV radiation in the atmosphere. That scattering causes the water to appear that beautiful sapphire color. 

If you thought that was interesting, there are plenty of other videos and pictures that give you an idea of why the canyon is the way it is. 

If you want to escape the confines of your living room for a bit, this virtual tour is a great way to do just that. Get ready for an immersive experience learning about this desert wonder. 

Grand Canyon Virtual Field Trip

Price: Free

Why you need to go: You can explore the Grand Canyon right from home. 



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