Talk about an enchanted evening  — you and a guest can spend the night inside of one of Catalina Island's grandest, most iconic buildings...and you'll be completely by yourselves.

Nobody's ever slept inside of the Catalina Casino (which is a "gathering place" and not an ACTUAL casino), but if you've got the clams to spend on it, you can book your stay starting Tuesday, October 27.

This is not your average sleepover — here, you have a 20,000 square foot ballroom all to yourself, as well as a whole theater underneath it.

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night in the famous casino (which is not a casino, actually)

You'll be surrounded by the Art Deco charm of a 91-year-old building famous for hosting countless events and festivals, sure — but you'll also be surrounded by the ocean, as the circular building is right on the water.

The package is technically for two nights but you only spend one night in the casino and the next night in the historic Hotel Atwater nearby.

This whimsical experience doesn't go for cheap — it's a cool $899.

It's pretty gorgeous inside, though. There's no denying that.

Gorgeous enough to pay hundreds of dollars to sleep in? That's on you to decide.

Catalina Casino Sleepover Experience

Catalina Casino Sleepover Experience

Price: $899 for two people

When: November 2020 (bookings start October 27, 2020)

Address: 1 Casino Way, Avalon, CA 90704

Why You Need To Go: It's for SURE the most elaborate setting any of us could ever possibly sleep in (a sea ballroom)

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