We all remember when solving a Rubik's Cube was a sign of being a genius, and if you were one of the few who could, some major cool points were earned. Seeing a Rubik's Cube in someone's hands nowadays causes all of us 90's kids to feel some major nostalgia, and now, Houston is taking it up a notch. A cheap Airbnb in Houston has an actual Rubik's Cube interior, and if you thought you felt nostalgic simply seeing one of the cubes, just wait. 

From the exterior, you wouldn't be able to tell. But once you're inside of the East Downtown Rubiks Studio Airbnb listing, you'll know what it feels like to be inside of a Rubik's Cube

The home holds four guests, and it's just $33 a night to stay! That's roughly $8 per person. 

Normally it's $37, but for a limited time, you'll be able to spend the night at the $33 discounted rate. Either way, it's pretty inexpensive. 

The Airbnb is also close to lots of major places in Houston.

Toyota Center, BBVA Stadium and Minute Maid Park are just a short drive away. You'll have plenty to do and see if you're new in Houston!

Anuj, the host, is considered a Superhost by Airbnb standards, so you know you won't be disappointed during your stay.

We recommend checking availability ASAP because this Rubik's Cube Airbnb is better than any hotel you'll find in Houston. 

The city has tons of fun events coming up, start planning your trip now because now that Thanksgiving is almost here their Christmas events are finally starting to pop up.

East Downtown Rubiks Studio

Price Per Night: $33

Address Or Neighbourhood: Houston, Texas

Why You Need To Go: 

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