All Texans should be able to handle a little spice, no matter what form it comes in. What better way to put your tastebuds to the test than a full-on hot sauce festival? This month, Houston is having just that, and you'll be able to eat things you never thought you could handle. 

This Saturday, January 11, the 4th Annual Hops n' Hot Sauce Festival is taking place.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., you and whoever in your life that can handle lots of spice are invited to a day filled with heat.

With tons of vendors such as The Hot Damn Tamale Factory, Hot Sauce Holsters, and Mikey V's, there's no telling who'll win the hot pepper or spicy pizza eating contests.

Both of which you can participate in!

And if you think it stops there, there's plenty more where that came from!

Craft beer, salsas, jellies, seasonings, jerky, popcorn, and desserts will also be there to enjoy, some spicy, and some not-so-much.

So even if you're not super into the spicy stuff, there'll be something for everyone.

Tickets are just $8 if you get them online and $10 at the door.

Depending on how many people want to come with you, you can also buy up to a four-person ticket package.

Plus, VIP tickets come with free food, drink, and festival merch. 

Live music by Gary Kyla, a DJ, bounce houses, and more will also be at the fest.

There's free parking so you won't have to worry about paying for a spot in the lot.

If you love food festivals like this one, Houston is having a Latin festival this spring, and a taco festival next month.

It's impossible to not find delicious food in Texas, especially in Houston. 

Hops n' Hot Sauce Festival 2020

Price: $8 - $28

When: Saturday, January 11

Address: 10622 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: To participate in hot pepper and spicy pizza eating contests, plus you'll get to try all sorts of new things. 

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