50 years ago, the world witnessed the most legendary moment of all time. The Eagle landed on the rocky surface of the moon, and we haven't stopped celebrating. And on July 20th, Discovery Green is hosting a giant and free commemoration for it, and they have a lot of great things planned. After all, times like these only come around once in a blue moon. 

From 6 to 10 pm, the park will be packed with cool guests like Spacey Casey, space-themed exhibitions, stargazing, interactive photo opportunities, and an artisan market.

Apollo 11 will be screened as well as a documentary on NASA's 1969 trip to the moon. They're even recreating the setting of President John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing the quest to land on the moon!

And if that's not enough, an exclusive video message will be played from astronauts currently aboard the ISS.

The Grove on Discovery Green will be serving up Moonwalk Cocktails (grapefruit juice, orange liquor, rose water and champagne) and artisanal moon pies for the occasion and will continue to sell them from July 15 - 20.

All of Houston is teaming up to make this event happen including NASA's JSC, Houston Astronomical Society, and the U.S. Army—who, by the way, will make an absolutely grand entrance.

Of course, there will be an unmissable, dramatic countdown to the minute Neil Armstrong took the first step at 9:56 pm. Can we agree to all say the famous line together at that moment?

From food to events, everything moon-related is celebrated here! Well, except in the form of a verb—no mooning allowed.

Sort of disappointed we don't have a "space race" 5k yet, but, hey, if you say "moon festival" we're there. Every time.

A Giant Leap at Discovery Green

Price: Free

Address: 1500 McKinney Street, Houston, TX 77010

Why you need to go: Because Spacey Casey will be there, duh. Plus, moonwalk cocktails, moon pies, and everything space-themed!


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