The world is crazy, things can get intense, but at least there will always be animals to pet. It's kind of crazy that we live in a time where you can just have access to wild animals located on a beautiful ranch an hour outside of Houston. Aggieland Adventure Zoo & Safari Park opened it's doors to the public on May 9th and word has quickly been spreading on Instagram that this is becoming an eye-popping place to visit and explore the outdoors. 

Word is, the idea was born out of an intense love for animals, and a dedication to conserving the land in which these wild animals thrive. There are many great spots in Texas to check out animal wildlife, but it's always a huge plus when places such as Aggieland Safari have plenty of space for animals to roam. Also, it's a nice plus when guests aren't crammed in elbow to elbow.


The park has two main attractions up and running right now including an Adventure Zoo and a Drive-Thru Safari which are both included in the price of admission. You can live your own little version of The Lion King as you see their huge collection of animals including kangaroos, wild boar, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, and even lemurs. For a zoo that just got itself up and running, Aggieland Safari can't be conquered in just one visit. Side note: Don't be ashamed to take a visit to the petting zoo!


Since the park opened early this Summer, people have been flocking to the location and it has been a popular destination for students living in College Station. The facility is for all ages and if you buy tickets online they're $22, and $25 in person. 

Animals have the ability to be the fuel to happiness, a way to step outside of our day to day lives and just enjoy nature in a way that few places in Texas can offer. Make the trip, feed a giraffe, trust us you'll be smiling all day. 


Aggieland Adventure Zoo & Safari Park

Price: ๐Ÿ’ธ

When: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week (Note: Final Car Enters At 4 p.m.)

Address: 18075 FM974 Bryan, TX  77808

Why You Need To Go: Free your mind and enjoy some fresh air, groovy animals, and more all at a low cost. 

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