It's a sad fact that Houston doesn't really have varied terrain, it's mostly flat and full of concrete. But that doesn't mean that there aren't breathtaking nature spots near the big city that will give you the nature escape you're looking for. There are many hidden Texas gems that don't look like they would be so close to Houston. One of these hidden gems is a swampy nature center near Houston with the best sunsets.

The Baytown Nature Center is comprised of two peninsulas not far outside of Houston and is the most gorgeous place to go for an outdoor getaway.

The Nature Center is full of swamps, wooden pathways, tons of birds, and even a little butterfly garden.

There's fishing piers over calm blue waters, bike trails, and kayaking spots if y'all want an adventure.

Many animals call the bay home and you can see plenty walking along the trails or hanging by the shore.

When in season, the butterfly garden is home to around 30 different kinds of butterflies, which sounds incredibly magical!

There are also wooden pathways in the middle of the swampy woods that look really fun to explore and are perfect for birdwatching. 

But if hikes aren't really your thing, picnics are always fun and Baytown Nature Center is the ideal spot for that.

Bring some sandwiches and maybe even a cheese board if you're feeling fancy and have a picnic out in one of the prettiest nature spots near Houston.  

Walk down the long wooden boardwalks with your bestie or S/O and enjoy the incredible sunsets from above the calm waters.

The admission fee is cheap at only $4 and grants you access to the whole park.

The Nature Center is open every day of the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas and their gates open 30 minutes before sunrise and close 30 minutes after sunset.

So not only can you see the most amazing Texas sunsets, but you can also catch the most breathtaking sunrises if you're more of a morning person!

This hidden gem not far from Houston is a great easy getaway and makes for a romantic picnic or kayaking date.

Baytown Nature Center

Price: $4

Address: 6213 Bayway Dr., Baytown, TX

Why You Need To Go: Texas is known for its pretty never-ending sunsets and this gorgeous bay might have some of the best Texas Sunsets!

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