It’s been a long, dark few months without Houston’s neon light exhibit. But last weekend, the Dan Flavin Installation in Houston finally opened back up its colorful doors just in time for the holidays.

The Dan Flavin exhibit opened its doors back up on Nov. 23. Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can stop by and finally see the famous hall of neon lights.

During its closed months, the collection underwent some routine maintenance. During the construction, the Dan Flavin fluorescent lamps had to be uninstalled and then re-installed. So that’s exciting.

Designed by artist Dan Flavin, there are three separate pieces in Richmond Hall. Outside, green fluorescent lights line the edges of the building. Inside, the lobby has two sets of daylight lamps that accents the angles of the walls. 

And of course, the main event—the 128x50’ space opening up to a large sunroof. Flooded with natural soft light, the open room is lined with a dark purple line of filtered ultraviolet lamps (aka black lights).

The tubes face opposite directions so the light can bounce off of the lamps’ metal bases.

However, before you go, it's important to note that picture taking isn't technically allowed inside the exhibit. We don't condone the IG sneaks in this article.

And while you’re there, the Menil has several other (all free) exhibits such as the Outdoor Sculpture, Works by Cy Twombly, a wall drawing series, a visual architect series, and a “Close up of Heaven and Earth” collection.

They frequently hold events like paint by numbers and conversations with artists.

Though closed on major holidays, the stunning installation is totally free and open every Wednesday through Sunday.

Dan Flavin Installation

Price: Free

Address: 1533 Sul Ross St., Houston, TX 77006

Why you need to go: It’s like holiday lights, but with a lot deeper meaning and more respectable IG posts.


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