You and your friends are headed on a summer road trip when your car breaks down and you have to trek through the woods to find help. You approach an old cabin in the middle of the tall piney trees—the only sign of life you've seen for miles. It's The Cabin at Escape In Time just outside of Houston.

You peek inside to see that it's not a sign of life after all. In fact, the bodies of several victims lay inside, and you and your friends—with your super strong morals and all—must stay and solve the clues left behind by the serial killer before he gets back in just 60 minutes.

This exciting escape room in Spring, Texas, is just $19 per person and require 2-15 players. And hey, studies show that trauma really bonds couples together!

But it's also great for team building among co-workers, testing the loyalty of your closest friends, or celebrating a birthday by remembering how valuable life and time truly is!

If serial killers and spooky cabins aren't really your thing, Escape Room Texas also has an Art Heist room and a Sherlock Holmes vs Illuminati room where you have the responsibility of saving Sherlock and solving the secrets of the Illuminati.

You have sixty minutes. That's all you get to impress your super confused date or prove you're the superior friend. Friendly competition with a little bit of blood never hurt anyone!

Make sure you sign up for a time slot on their website and drag your loved ones out into the woods for some Texan fun!

Rooms rotate every six months, so if you want to experience the super creepy serial killer one, you better hurry and visit soon!

The Cabin Escape Room

Price: $19 per person

Address: 367 Sawdust Spring, Texas 77380

Why you need to go: You get all the thriller and adrenaline of escaping a real serial killer without all the danger.


*This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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