If you play your cards right, you can see some pretty amazing out-of-the-box art installations in Houston. And we're not bluffing when we say Houston is about to sweeten the pot with a real-life, giant glow-in-the-dark house of cards that's coming to Discovery Green this May!

From May 1 through August 2, a huge house of playing cards will be on display for you to admire.

This public-art piece by an Israel-based design studio is made out of 126 oversized playing cards. At a closer look, you can see each a unique, local artwork glowing on each card.

Each art piece offers an original perspective and reflection of Houston. You can view the featured artists on their website.

The card house will stand to represent "an important structure in society, one that is built by people and their relationships,” according to the artists.

Similar to the glow-in-the-dark see-saws that once visited our city, the cards will glow—day in and day out. In daylight, you can see the sparkling colorful images in all their intricate glory.

And at night, you can see them light up against the dark sky, and witness the illuminating structure that will give the illusion of the house of cards rising, falling, and being rebuilt.

Having already stopped in Baltimore and now slated to visit Houston, House of Cards is on a world tour. It will feature artists local to each city it inhabits—representing the individual cultures.

But until House of Cards makes their Houston debut, you can check out this giant, interactive poop that's dropping down in Houston this March.

Get your poker face ready for March; we're about to witness the best art installation Houston has to offer.

House of Cards

Price: Free

Address: 1500 McKinney, Houston, TX

When: May 1 - August 2

Why you need to go: Because it's never a gamble to see a glowing art installation and beautiful local art.


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