What's your favorite fall activity? Pumpkin carving? Bobbing for apples? Losing all your friends in a pitch-black corn maze in the middle of the night?  Well for one night only, Tomball Corn Maze in Houston will give you the opportunity to navigate through their five-acre corn maze armed with only a flashlight.

In the daytime you can expect this challenging maze to take  about an hour to solve, so who knows how long it will take you at night? All I know is, do not go towards the rustling you hear in the field. Haven't you seen Jeepers Creepers

During the day, Tomball Corn Maze is an autumn wonderland. If you're looking for a fall photo shoot, this is your place. In fact, the opening weekend for the corn maze is this weekend. So get in there before all the VSCO girls bombard the place. (Unless you are a VSCO girl, then you do you, boo.)

For those seeking more of an adventure, mark your calendars for the night of October 26th for your spooky flashlight corn maze. Tickets to the corn maze are $12, and I'd buy them quick! There are a lot of fearless people interested in stumbling through the dark in the middle of a field, so get your tickets before they sell out. There are other yard games to explore that are included with your ticket, so get there a little early to check those out too. 

So here are my words of advice to all of you brave enough to journey through the twists and turns of this maze at night: bring a portable charger, and a snack. You don't want to have to eat the actual corn in the maze do you? Grab yourself a granola bar, sis.

Also, don't miss out on Houston's free Halloween party happening the night before the flashlight maze. You're going to have such an eerily good weekend with all of these events, you might even forget that Halloween is actually on a Thursday. 

Flashlight Maze

Price: $12

When: October 26 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Address: 22601 Lutheran Church Rd, Tomball, TX 77377

Why You Need To Go: This special event is happening for one night only, so grab your flashlight and get out there!

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