Japan has made so many significant contributions to pop culture that it is practically impossible not to love the Asian country. If you live in Texas and are a die-hard fan of cosplay, anime, Japanese food, tea, kimonos, and everything that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, you're in luck. Houston is hosting a giant Japan festival in 2020, and you can go for free.

The Houston Japan Fest it's held annually to educate and promote the cultural heritage of Japan in the city, and we are more than happy to be part of it. Some of the most famous Japanese cultural traditions will be on display, including martial arts, origami, bonsais, and the ceremony of tea. 

There will also be food, a cosplay contest, and a market with original Japanese goodies for you to purchase. 

Wear your best cosplay costume and makeup, or some comfy clothes, and get ready to enjoy this fest to the fullest.

Once you know all the delicious food you'll be able to taste at this fest; you won't stop saying Arigatou gozaimasu. 

Tons of Japanese and Japanese-American delicacies will keep you and your belly very happy all day long.

You can go to the food booths or the food trucks and grab some takoyaki, gyudon, oyakodon, oden, gyoza, yakisoba, sushi, poke bowls, or shrimp fried rice. For dessert, you can go for some bubble waffles & ice cream.

To cool-off in the inevitable Texas heat, have a Japanese beer or Japanese shaved ice. Yum!

While you enjoy these delicate dishes, make sure to take a seat close to one of the three stages: the ANA Matsuri Main Stage, the Kuraray Martial Arts Stage, and the Presenter's Stage.

You'll enjoy martial art demonstrations, live music, and the cosplay contest. 

There will also be culturally relevant activities you can participate in, such as craft-making, traditional ceremonies, or Japanese gardening or calligraphy. Make sure to follow their social channels for further details. 

You can also take advantage of the vendor at this fest to take home some exclusive merch you won't be able to find anywhere else. 

At the Houston Japan Fest, you'll find anime goods, handcrafted jewelry, antique kimonos, katanas, manga comics, J-Pop merch, cosplay costumes, Kawaii toys, antiques, art, and calligraphy.

If you need a unique gift for someone (yourself included), this is the ideal place to get it. 

Houston Japan Fest

Price: Free

When: May 2-3

Address: Hermann Park 1700 Hermann Dr, Houston, Texas

Why You Need To Go: Travel to Japan without taking a plane at this cool fest full of yummy Japanese food and drinks, traditional activities, cosplay contest, and live entertainment and presentations. They will also have a market for Japanese goodies. 

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