We already know H-Town has a lot of hidden gems—like the cistern, the Orange Show, or that one bridge with all the bats. And now, the big city is about to get a bunch of gold and silver coins hidden somewhere for people to find. GoldHunt is hosting a whopping $100,000 treasure hunt in the city on Dec. 8, and if you know this city at all—you can find the buried gold.

With the help of a map, you must solve 21 riddles related to Houston and its pop culture to find them. The race begins on Dec. 8 and will last until there is a winner—estimated about 2-3 weeks.

All coins are located within Beltway 8, and the riddles will take you to places with a play on words, special streets, historical locations, and major Houstonian references.

You can purchase a basic map with clues for $29 or you can upgrade to a $49 map for extra clues. Or, you can save your money, not buy a map at all, and test out your stealthy intuition skills.

But if you go the *easy* route and get the maps, here's what they'll get you. With the basic map, you get the riddles and become eligible to find extra loot and join the "Pirate Crew" team of people to help you find the treasure. Aye, aye!

With the $49 map, you're gonna need that ROI, so you get a little extra help to stay above the competition. So you'll get all the clues, plus four bonus clues, along with your eligibility to join the Pirate Crew and find extra loot.

As long as you're 18 years old and want to endure a little bit of traffic, you're eligible to play.

So start practicing those pre-riddles and study up on this city. May the best Houstonian win.

Gold Hunt

Price: $29-49

Address: Within Beltway 8

Why you need to go: How often is a hundred grand scattered for you to find?


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