Seat belts, everyone! This won't be a normal field trip. The Amazing Body Gallergy exhibit at The Health Museum in Houston lets you walk right inside the human body—no Magic School Bus required.

Inside the gallery, you'll be immersed into 30 interactive audio and video stations and a 22-foot-long backbone with ribs creating a tunnel-like entrance that.

Stick your boyfriend inside the ribcage, snap a picture and title that "You're my heart." Totally cute and not cheesy because he's literally the heart.

Inside the hands-on experience, you'll also find a 10-foot brain you can walk through and play memory games, a 12-foot beating heart, a skeleton riding a bike, and a giant eyeball that totally could be the eye of Big Brother.

And because Houston has such great food and dessert, check out (or don't) the Calorie Crank that puts into reality how many calories you have to burn to compensate for specific foods.

And if that motives you at all, there's a vertical hanging endurance station for you to jump, stretch, and hang on.

Then head on over to the Giant Human Heart wheel that checks your heart rate while running or walking. Doctor visits suddenly just got really cheap.

The museum is free for members, $10 for adults, $8 for kids under 12 and seniors. But they also participate in the great Free Thursdays from 2 to 7 pm.

And of course, there's the picturesque version of the human heart available for photo-snapping, too. Step in front of the neon heart wall and take a pic while getting educated.

While you're there, you can also check out there other exhibits like the DeBakey Cell Lab that straight-up turns you into a scientist.

C'mon and ride on the Magic School Bus to this super cool, immersive exhibit right in Houston!

The Health Museum

Price: $10 for non-member adults

Address: 1515 Hermann Dr. Houston, Texas 77004

Why you need to go: To poke around the human brain—who would pass up that opportunity?


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