Usually, the end of the holiday season means whatever little winter we had here in Texas is pretty much gone. It's usually the time when we switch out the leggings and sweaters for shorts and t-shirts. However, Saint Arnold Brewery, a local favorite, is determined to keep the Houston winter going by hosting it's first annual Houston Ice Festival next month!  

Bringing an ice show to replace real snow is honestly one of the most Texan things we can imagine and it sounds awesome! The Houston Ice Festival: Tour Around the World is going to happen February 1 and tickets are free.

It's a given that Saint Arnold is gonna have plenty of beer to drink, but there's also gonna be a ton to see and do. In other words, Saint Arnold might be providing the drinks, but E8ght Percent Ice Sculpting is bringing the ice!

There are going to be ice sculptures, and a few of the top ice sculptors in the world, including Houston native and creator of E8ght Percent, Reverend Butter, are all going to put on shows and compete!

And don't worry about the Texas heat (which let's face it, can still be pretty hot even in winter) because while you're watching the middle and heavyweight ice battles, you can stay cool with a Saint Arnold brew straight from a mug made of ice!

A really cool part of the Fest is gonna be the interactive ice sculptures that people can snap pics with.

There's even going to be a custom ice throne so you can live out your Game of Thrones dreams!

The art doesn't stop at just ice either, because there are gonna be other artists; musicians, dancers, painters, and potters will perform all throughout the day.

If the thought of an Ice Fest sounds too cold for you though, next weekend there's going to be a Chili & Beer Fest in Galveston that's sure to keep you warm!

Crawfish season is also coming up soon, and what better way is there to kick off crawfish season in Houston than with an All-You-Can-Eat Crawfish Fest?

The Ice Fest is family-friendly and is also gonna have activities for the little ones, like chalk art and bubble making out of (nonalcoholic) drinks! 

Houston Ice Festival

When: February 1, 2020, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Price: Free

Address: 2000 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX

Why you need to go: To drink beer straight from a mug made of ice and sit on an ice throne like the royalty you are!


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