For so long, we've lived under the golfing reign of TopGolf—which is always a great time, but it doesn't always hold up in the heat or dreaded storms. But come September of this year, an entirely new indoor golfing and social club experience called Loft18 is coming to Houston in Sawyer Yards. 

If going to a real golf course with friends is just way too much pressure for you, and the walk of shame into the woods to retrieve your ball is just not what you sign up for, this new virtual golfing spot is perfect for you.

Loft18 will be 7000 square feet of all the fun and none of the sham. There will also be a 1,000 square foot patio to enjoy the environment of Sawyer Yards. The Houston location will mark the first expansion of Loft18 that comes from Louisiana. 

This new spot will have stalls that can hold up to 10 people at a time. And while it is a virtual experience, the integrity of the golf ball is not lost. Using the Full Swing golf simulation, players from all different experience levels can hit the ball at the screen as hard as they can in tournaments and championship games.

But club-experience extends beyond just ball smacking. They also serve delicious American dining options, hold watch parties, have live music and DJs, board games and karaoke nights. Oh, and cocktails. Plenty of cocktails and booze, of course, to add that extra balance-challenge to your game.

As of June 30th, the Houston location has completed construction on their framing and the structure is now being set into place. Expected to open September 2019, you'll be able to pre-book your event on their website soon.

Loft18 Houston

Price: $30 per hour

Address: 2313 Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX

Why you should go: It's the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy some golf fun without ever having to retrieve the ball.


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