As a kid, I loved watching Disney movies and singing along to all the songs. Now as an adult, I love watching Disney movies and singing along to all the songs (at least I'm consistent). If you're anything like me, warm up those vocal cords because this weekend, Houston's Jones Hall is showing The Little Mermaid with the score performed by our very own Houston Symphony.

The event is this Saturday, Aug. 31 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, Sept. 1 at 2:30 p.m. Swim your way over to the Houston Symphony website here to purchase your tickets.

Do they encourage singing along? Probably not. Is that going to stop me? No way. Sorry — not sorry. Ariel has always been my favorite princess, and I feel no shame singing like the sea witch asked me to. Ah ah ahhhhhh ah ah ahhhhh!

Though I doubt the Houston Symphony encourages singing along, they do encourage dressing up. In fact, they want you to come early to take advantage of their photo booth. So don't forget to grab your gadgets and gizmos a plenty to pose with, and make sure you style your hair with your best dinglehopper. Actually, go ahead and bust out that red wig from several Halloweens ago. This is a judge free zone. The more you look like a mermaid, the better.

Of course, if you're not the dressing up type, you can always check out the Leopard Lounge to get some '90s inspired looks. Maybe you can even score a vintage Disney t-shirt for the occasion.

Make sure you grab all your fellow mermaids and come out this weekend. Come cater to your inner child by watching a Disney movie while simultaneously feeling like a mature adult because you're at the symphony. #Adulting

The Little Mermaid Performed By The Houston Symphony

Price: $39+

When: Aug. 31 and Sept. 1

Address: 615 Louisiana St.; Houston, TX 77002

Why You Need To Go: It's Disney! Do you need any other reasons?

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