This one is for all the people tired of getting their view of the July 4th spectacular obstructed by the screaming children behind them or the way-too-big Uncle Sam hat on the person in front of them. This year on July 4th, you can rent a pedal boat on McGovern Lake for you and your friends to ride out in the middle of the water and watch the fireworks explode above you in peace.

Tickets are only $14 a person, and there is a max of four people per boat. Now, there's no minimum number of people per boat, but for the sake of your third wheeling friend, you should probably invite at least four.

In addition to your ride, your ticket also gets you a snack box from Pinewood Cafe (oh yeaaaah!). You will, however, have to purchase your wine and beer separately at Pinewood on the park.

Advanced registration is required, so be sure to claim your spot on their website.

Once you're registered, you can pick up your boat between 9:30 and 10 pm, and return it after the show is over.

But hey, it doesn't really have to be over. You can pedal boat on McGovern lake all year 'round for just $12. Or, you could hop aboard the Hermann Park railroad for less than $4, and take a ride around the beautiful conservatory.

If you go back to the lake on a cloudy day, you can rent a pedal boat and pretend the distant thunder is crackling red, white, and blue fireworks. But then maybe get out after a minute—that seems dangerous.

Celebrate this Independence day the true way—by sailing far away from your homeland!

Fireworks On The Lake

Price: $14

Address: 1700 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX, 77004

Why you should go: Some of us just need a little tranquility to celebrate this American anniversary, and that's okay, Hermann Park has us covered.


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