I'm convinced most of the sculptures in Discovery Green are new-age weapons in disguise. Nonetheless, they never disappoint to entertain. And the new Sonic: Playground installation in downtown Houston is no exception.

These twisty sculptures curve in such perfect Whoville fashion, that it wouldn't even be surprising if Cindy Lou Who popped right out of one.

But, no worries, it is not the Grinch trying to overtly steal our trees this time. So who do we have to thank for these funky sculptures crawling out of the ground? Yuri Suzuki, that's who.

This Japanese artist sculpts beautiful art pieces using his favorite material of choice—sound. A musician, sound artist, and designer himself, he has successfully blended together both visual and musical art forms.

Just let out some sound into the tubes and hear the funky ways it twists your words. For once, please twist my words, little groovy horns!

And if you're still not convinced it's not a Grinch scheme, try yelling "I'm an idiot!" into it and as long as it doesn't yell back "you're an idiot!" we're good. You might look a little crazy, but at least you took precautions. Can't have the Grinch stealing 4th of July next.

The playground is organized by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and it was quite a crowd-pleaser, so now it's here in Houston. It popped up in Houston around mid-March and will remain on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn until October 1st, so you'll want to check it out while it's still here.

And hey, while you're there, make some time to check out the other special installation glow-in-the-dark seesaws or take a $5 kayak ride on the water.  

Sonic Playground: Yuri Suzuki

Price: Free

Address: 1500 McKinney, Houston, TX 77010 on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn

Why you should go: To hear the cool way an artist can turn your voice into art in some funky ways.


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