Ahh, good ole Houston. It’s the fourth largest city in the country, the largest city in all of Texas, and probably the best city ever. It’s home to NASA, some of the best sports teams in the world (shout out Rockets, Texans, Astros, and Dynamo), Texas’ biggest mall, and the world’s first domed stadium. Scratch that, actually it is the best city ever.

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With the city continuing to grow in every aspect, more and more people are moving here and there’s no surprise as to why. Combine the flourishing job market, the affordable living costs, and the prospering restaurant and culture scene, you really can’t go wrong. It is the most ethnically diverse city in the nation, and you won't be surprised that southern hospitality still holds true here.  

Now that you’ve decided to move to Houston, there is a lot to expect. From the all-year-round summer weather to the extensive food scene, you will quickly find out why thousands are making their way here every year (or even month). Want to know what makes a Houstonian a Houstonian? Here are 29 things that you can expect to happen to you after making the (good) move to Space City. Welcome home!

"Y'all" will become a part of your everyday vocabulary.

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Let's face it, it sounds better than 'you guys,' and it's just faster and easier to say. Also be ready to say "yes ma'am," "no ma'am," "yes sir," and "no sir." In other places, these sayings might be a sign that you're getting old. But in Houston, it's a sign of respect. 

Chopped And Screwed will be a part of all your playlists.

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Sundays are dedicated to this hip-hop technique. Do what Drake says on November 18th and do everything like you're in Houston. Take everything slow, so slow, so slow.

You'll also love everything Chopped Not Slopped. You'll start to see that these versions of your favorite songs are an art in itself. Shout out to DJ Screw and OG Ron C.

You will spend the majority of your time waiting in traffic.

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During rush hour, a 15-minute car drive will turn into an hour (or more). Get comfy and get your hands on a great playlist. A really, really long playlist.

You will throw up the "H" with pride.

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Whether it's for a picture or while you're listening to Paul Wall in your car or mentioning to someone that you live in Houston, you will throw what you know with pride. 

Whenever you hear a Beyonce or Travis Scott song, you'll immediately say "Houston" with satisfaction.

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713 through the 281. James Harden with the range on me. Houston, rep it hard. London speed it up, Houston ROCKET! Will you ride around with that H-town? I'm out that H-town. Coming, coming down. I love you, Houston.

Yeah ... you get the drift. \m/

You will look at those hurricane evacuations as more of an option than a requirement.

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Of course, you will be cautious and check the weather channel every so often. But unless you live on lower grounds or by a reputable floodable area, you will do whatever it takes to stay in the comfort of your own home. Stocking up on water bottles and batteries will be a must, though.

You'll wait all year for March because that means the Houston Rodeo is finally here.

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Get yourself a pair of cowboy boots, because the time to wear them is in March! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest livestock exhibitions and rodeo in the world. From the Texas-sized drinks to the fried Oreos to the jumbo-sized sausage on a stick, there's not one person in Houston who isn't excited for the rodeo. Yeehaw!

Kolaches will become your breakfast of choice.

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Warm, delicious, and a variety of flavors. Whether you want cheese and hot dog, ham, sausage, jalapenos, or even chorizo in there, kolaches are basically a Houston specialty. Once you have one, you'll understand.

High school football will consume your Friday nights.

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Those episodes of Friday Night Lights are basically 100% facts. Ahhh, Tim Riggins.

For no reason at all, you will hate Dallas with everything you are.

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry, not sorry. 

You'll talk trash about Galveston's beaches but still make it a point to go multiple times during the summer.

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You'll be so quick to talk about how brown the water is but still pack up your car with drinks, barbecue, a football, and other necessary beach accessories to make that drive over. Hey, a beach is a beach. Beggers can't be choosers. 

You will refer to Houston as "H-town," "H-tine," "Screwston," "Hustletown," and "Clutch City."

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It's going to happen. Just let it. 

You and your friends will plan indoor activities during the summer to avoid the humidity (and mosquitos).

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Be prepared to get about 30 mosquito bites from being outside for five minutes. Also, want to straighten your hair? Forget about it. 

You'll be craving crawfish every day once crawfish season rolls around.

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Once February or March rolls around, you'll be itching to go to a crawfish boil or to one of those Vietnamese restaurants specializing in spicy garlic crawfish. Complete the meal with potatoes, corn, sausage, and melted butter. Is your mouth watering yet?

Tip: We recommend sucking the heads. You're welcome.

You will (harshly) judge barbecue from anywhere else.

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The same goes for Tex-Mex and Asian food. You will quickly learn that the Houston food scene is diverse and delicious. And the best.

Tip: Killen's Barbecue is a MUST.

You'll start wearing that 'shorts and hoodie' combo a few times a week because Houston weather.

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Heads up, Houston weather is pretty unpredictable. It can be extremely cold in the morning (hence the hoodie), and ridiculously hot during the day (hence the shorts). Don't even get us started on the rain.

You'll start referring to the service road as the "feeder."

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Because it "feeds" into the main highway. Duh.

Whenever you see a "Houston" mural, you will go out of your way to get out of your car just to take a photo because ... Houston.

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There are tons around the city. And they are all equally Instagram-worthy.

You will crave Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from Whataburger.

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That. And the fries. And ketchup. THE KETCHUP. Also, the Spicy Ketchup. 

You will be able to tell the difference between authentic tacos and American tacos.

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The tacos in Houston are incomparable due to the fact we are neighbors with Mexico. We pride ourselves in being somewhat of Mexican food connoisseurs. Some of the best tacos found in the city are extremely inexpensive and can be found anywhere from a food truck, cart, bodega, and of course in a restaurant. 

You will love ALL Pappas restaurants.

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Pappadeaux’s, Pappasito’s, Pappas BarBQ, and so much more. They're all delicious. None will ever disappoint. 

You will keep Tajin on you at all times.

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Put it on your fruit bar, on your tacos, your watermelon, on your popcorn, your corn, plain potato chips, or even on your mango. Really, the list can go on and on and on. If you put Tajin on it, it's almost always delicious.

You will start measuring distance by time.

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Instead of saying, "it's five miles away," you'll start saying, "it's about 45 minutes away." See: "You will spend the majority of your time waiting in traffic."

You swear that Frenchy's has the best fried chicken. 

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And Shipley's has the best donuts. And Timmy Chan's has the best fried rice and Chinese chicken wings. They are Houston staples and the hype is very, very real.

You will become an expert foodie on all types of foods.

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Because Houston is one of the ten most ethnically diverse cities in the country, you can expect there to be authentic food from all over the world. From Indian food to Chinese cuisine to Vietnamese eats, you know you are getting the real deal. 

You'll learn how to properly pronounce "Kuykendahl."

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Kirk-en-doll. The "R" is silent. 

You'll wake up extra early just to fall in line to get chicken and waffles from The Breakfast Klub.

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These Chicken and Waffles with powder sugar on top are everything you imagine it to taste — the perfect combination of sweet and savory. They really are as good as they look. The Breakfast Klub is another Houston staple that is a must for all locals and visitors. You won't even mind the long wait.

Yes, it's definitely worth it. 10 out of 10 would recommend. 

You'll find yourself getting a slice at House of Pies in the wee hours of the night.

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The House of Pies is a family owned and operated diner with over 45 years of experience. Whether you want a slice or the whole pie, you will have a hard time choosing between the tons of flavors to choose from. They pride themselves on their fresh homemade pies with no preservatives. It's literally a slice of heaven on Earth.

You will take Sunday Funday very seriously.

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Who cares if you have work Monday morning? It's Sunday and that means great deals on drinks. Bring on the margaritas, the Bloody Marys, the brews, and the bottomless mimosas! It wouldn't be a Sunday Funday without them. 






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