Are you looking to add some extra color to your days? Well, get ready because Houston will turn into a "mine" full of kaleidoscopic crystals soon. So, if you are looking for things to do in Houston this weekend, Prismatica is the most fun and Instagrammable art installation you'll see these days.  

Avenida Houston will host the installation and admission to this artsy experience is completely free. So don't wait and drag your BFFs to be part of this from this November 22 and until January 5.

And don't forget your phone or camera to document the moment. 

The installation is composed of 50 2-meters tall rotating prisms made out of panels that are laminated with a dichronic film.

This material is capable of transmitting and reflecting every color in the visible spectrum. The prisms also contain projectors under their bases. 

You are more than welcome to wander around these giant "jewels" and manipulate and rotate them. Whenever you vary the position of the prism, or if you move from place to place, you'll see the light changing to different colors. 

As the prisms pivot, you will also perceive the sounds of bells of variable-intensity. So cool!

The installation was created by RAW Design. Dix au Carré was in charge of the sound design, and the lighting design is ATOMIC3 and Jean-François Piché's. 

The nomadic piece of public art has been successfully exhibited in New York, North Carolina and other cities in the US, as well as in several cities in Canada.

And judging by its hashtag on Instagram, people absolutely loved it.

On their website, the creators commented that this piece was initially created for the 2014 Luminothérapie Competition in Montreal, in order "to engage visitors and invoke a feeling or mood from day to night."

Then it became a local phenomenon and they started to travel the world with the sparkling exhibit.

So if you needed an excuse to leave home this weekend, or if you are in need of some artistic inspiration, this interactive installation is the ideal place to be.


Price: Free

When: Nov. 22 - Jan. 5

Address: 1002 Avenida de las Americas, Houston Texas

Why You Need To Go: To fill your days with color and fun while you take tons of pics at this kaleidoscopic installation that will open in Houston soon. 

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