When you think of getting outdoors and visiting a tranquil place, visiting a park or a nature preserve is probably what comes to mind. While these are great getaways, there are other, more unique ways to get outdoors. There's a beautiful garden cemetery in Houston worth exploring that is one of the prettiest outdoor places in town. 

Glenwood Cemetery near Downtown Houston is an incredibly pristine and surprisingly tranquil place to visit.

It's so close to downtown that you can look up and see the skyscrapers stretching into the air as you're wandering around the perfectly kept lawns.

The cemetery is old but it has an even more historic air to it because it was designed in the 19th-century style of romantic rural parks. 

So although you can see skyscrapers from the cemetery, it feels as if you're in a picturesque countryside in the 1800s.

You can visit the meticulously kept grounds every day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and during daylight savings, the gates are kept open until 5:30 p.m. 

Glenwood also offers tours if you really want to get to learn more about the history of the beautiful cemetery. 

Wandering around the different well-kept and intricate mausoleums and tombstones is a unique way to get outside now that the weather is getting warmer soon. 

The cemetery is so serene that while strolling through the regal sculptures and monuments, it can be easy to forget that this is the final resting place for some Houstonians.

However, it's really important to keep this in mind and make sure your visit to the cemetery is respectful of those who were laid to rest there.

Glenwood Cemetery is so hauntingly beautiful, with its bright greenery and stunning architectural pieces, you definitely should stop by for a calm and respectful stroll sometime.

The cemetery is a part of Houston that feels like it's from another country and era but is surprisingly one of the most peaceful spots in this big city.


Glenwood Cemetary

Price: Free

Address: 2525 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: One of the prettiest places in Houston happens to be this historic cemetery and the grounds look straight from the Romantic era.

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