Your fears will be tested this Halloween season at this horror attraction in Jacksonville. 13th Floor is a haunted house experience with different spine-chilling rooms and corridors for the adventure-seeker.

Whether you are superstitious or not, this attraction will give you the chills. 13th Floor will feature terrifying-themed attractions including La Llorona, Necronomicon and Clown.

Once you arrive to 13th Floor, which was installed in a large retail place, you will discover scary performers and other monsters entertaining you. It is recommended to attend during an off-peak night or during the weekday to get most out of this frightening experience.

13th Floor has been recognized by USA Today as one of 10 scariest haunted houses in the U.S. The haunted attraction is also held in Denver, Colorado where terror-seekers enjoy the scary performances and acrobatics in a spacious building.

Each location will have different attractions and themes such as The Asylum, City of the Dead and others.

13th Floor is known for featuring quality performers, special effects, outstanding scenic design, costumes with quality pieces and more. The scary atmosphere starts at the line before you enter the façade. Most of the scenes and theatrical performance feature special effects and other notable distractions to scare the audience.

The event offers a fast pass for $10 and Skip the Line pass for $20 to avoid missing the fun. Tickets start at $19 on select nights.

During your experience, 13th Floor will take a photo of you where you can pick it up online. 13th Floor is opening on Friday, Sept. 13 for $13 only from 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

13TH Floor Jacksonville

Address: 9230 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32225

When: Sept. 13 to Nov. 9

Why you need to go: 13th Floor is a haunted house and one of the best in the nation. 


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