If you're a 90s kid, you've definitely seen School of Rock with Jack Black - and this movie was part of why we love him. It's a pretty wholesome role - showcasing how music can touch people's lives, all with Jack Black's lovable doof humor. You can actually see a musical based off of the School of Rock movie in Jacksonville on April 16th - and we are feeling nostalgic.

If you love Jack Black, you definitely remember the School of Rock movie from 2003. Jack Black all clad in his sweater vest posing as a substitute teacher, Ned Schneebly. He hijacks the classroom and turns straight "A" students into self-loving rockstars all so he can pursue his dream to participate at Battle of the Bands. We 90s kids remember having sleepovers and renting this movie, sitting on the floor with our buckets of popcorn singing along; and wanting to learn an instrument.

If you don't remember the sweater vest we're talking about, you can see that in a clip from my favorite scene below:

This musical based on the film features all of the original songs from the movie - plus 14 more from a world renown Broadway Composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. The cast features the first ever kid's rock band, shredding strings and slapping bass across the stage - and they are extremely talented. We wish we could riff like that. 

The musical would be a whole new way of experiencing the movie and having a taste of that sweet sweet nostalgia- and as we 90s kids grow older (yikes quarter life crisis), we start to want to explore and experience more and more to fill our lives with journeys and memories. Then we can have a cozy night in and rent the movie again after to relive it the way we remember.

Tickets for the show range in price starting at $42 per person for balcony seats to upwards of $110.50 for the orchestra box, where you really feel the music. The first day of the show is starting on April 16th, but you can also see the show the 17th-20th at various starting times. We recommend checking the Time's Union website for all available days.

You can see a clip of "I Pledge Allegiance to the Band" from a previous performance of School of Rock the Musical Below:

This would be a super cool experience for a date night with your boo or fellow Jack Black loving best friend. Maybe grab a bite to eat in Jacksonville near the theatre, then relive the nostalgia together at the Musical. School of Rock the Musical will be live on stage at the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, located at 300 Water St, USA, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202, United States. 

To book a ticket for the first day on the 16th, click here - for more information and all available dates, check the Time's Union Website here.

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