This off-the-beaten-path lake might look wretched and isolated but within its panorama lies wildlife and new growth. Dead Lakes is a recreational area surrounded in a 6,700-acre virescent forest.

Previously known as a Florida State Park and fish hatchery, Dead Lakes is visited by many adventurers seeking to paddle through the mysterious waters. The park is located one mile north of Wewahitchka — offering a great hiking, kayaking and camping venue. 

The whimsical landscape offers an intriguing view, luring curious campers to explore the area. Dead Lakes is best known for its abundance of Tupelos. Despite the eerie panoramic view the lake is full of life and produces the best Tupelo Honey in Florida.

While kayaking through the lake you will notice the stumps rising above the water, offering a truly peculiar perspective and spectacular scene like something straight out of Jurassic Park.

According to a review on Trip Advisor, "This body of water is punctuated by cypress, willow and tupelo trees, which grow in and out of the water. [This] creates an unusually beautiful waterscape which can be accessed from a bridge or, better yet, from a boat."

For this off-the-map expedition, you can book a guided eco-adventure tour here. On this tour, you will explore the diverse wildlife at Dead Lakes and the magnificent ecosystem. Alligators, turtles, herons and wood ducks are visible throughout this tour.

In addition, there is a campground where you can stay for $14 a night and other RV sites providing the best camping experience. It is a peaceful place in Florida where you will experience a magical prehistoric-like land like no other.

Dead Lakes

Address: 482 Gary Rowell Rd., Wewahitchka, FL 32465

Why you need to go: This lake has an amazing scenery to kayak and spend the night.


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