When you think of the fall season, you think of cool air, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and the fair. Lucky for us Georgians, there are many fairs for us to choose from throughout the state. This massive state fair in Georgia in the middle of the state will be opening next month and it will be your fall dream come true.

The Georgia National Fair is back for another year on Oct. 3 to 13. It is located in Perry, Georgia and people travel from all over the state to go to the largest fair in the state during the fall season. There will be free concerts throughout the 11 days this year as well. 

This fair is very unique in how large it is and with the different attractions and shows that it offers every year. 

There is nothing like putting on some jeans and a flannel and heading to the fair with your besties. The bright lights, the smells of the sugary, fried goodness and the screams of everyone on the rides are what the fall season is all about.

Many people go to the fair for the crazy and delicious food and the atmosphere of it all. This fair, in particular, has a massive assortment of vendors. There are huge turkey legs, oreo funnel cakes and even fried veggies that are better than you would imagine. 

Being a huge fair, there has to be huge shows and encounters. There is a live shark encounter you can experience and learn all about these large creatures. Have you ever heard of a shark at a fair?

There are a few nights that you can purchase a wristband for $20 and get unlimited rides on almost every ride there. You can hit popular attractions like the Enterprise, the Galaxy Coaster, the Super Himalaya and the Starship. 

The fair is what fall is all about, and just going to take in the atmosphere of it is worth the drive. If you want more cute date night spots for this upcoming season, there are so many around Georgia that are worth the roadtrip


Georgia National Fair 

Price: $10+

When: Oct. 3-13

Address: 401 Larry Walker Pkwy., Perry, GA 31069-1367

Why You Need To Go: This is the largest fair in the state and has amazing shows and attractions. 


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