We are all missing our favorite parts of Sin City, but now there is a cure for the longing. Las Vegas Magazine wants people to re-enact their favorite parts of Vegas from home. The results so far have been both hilarious and surprisingly accurate, but now it's your turn to put your skills to the test.

If you've been a little bored at home, or the travel bug has started to itch, this new challenge might be the perfect solution to both.

Las Vegas Magazine took to Twitter, to encourage residents and Vegas lovers alike to re-create their favorite parts of the city from home.

So far, the results have been amazing, with everything from Seven Magic Mountains to MGM Hotel represented in the entries.

To try and bring a little of the city's essence back to everyone missing the bright shiny strip, or any part for that matter, the magazine came up with the #CreateYourOwnVegas.

The challenge is simple: all you have to do is come up with a re-creation of your favorite place, event, or exhibit in Vegas using household items... pets included.

You can throw your designs up on your social media with a side by the side of the real thing and the hashtag, and then admire your work while others do the same.

This couple's inspired vision of the 'Hand of Faith' nugget from the Golden Nugget hotel is merely incredible. Note how the impressive hand-made foil creation strikes an uncanny resemblance.

Another hilarious example is the doggo getting its groove on while representing some of the best parts of the city, a moment so quintessentially Vegas it's too perfect for words.

If you've lacked motivation before now, this new challenge is just the reboot you needed to channel that creative side.

You can use anything and everything in your house to envision your favorite parts of Sin City, and we can bet there are some great ideas out there just waiting to be posted.

Since a few painted rocks can bring the Seven Magic Mountains right to your backyard, and a cat sitting majestically alongside shampoo bottles can transport you to the MGM, we say: what are you waiting for?

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