Forget driving a car and opt to try out a rail bike ride instead. Rail Explorers Las Vegas will allow you and your friends to enjoy a petal powered ride through Nevada's scenic desert. You can even bring your furry friend along for the fun.

Less than 40-minutes away from the Strip, you'll find yourself at the tour's Boulder City location. 

They offer a variety of rail bike rides including the Southwest Ramble, Sunset ride, and the Evening Lantern one. Why not take your boo out for a romantic evening?

Tandem or two-person rides are available year-round and cost $88. If you split the cost, it's only $44 each.

During a sunset ride, you can expect to take a 1.5-hour pedal ride from the Nevada State Railroad Museum to Railroad Pass.

You'll coast your way downhill for 4-miles before stopping for a short time at the picnic area. Anyone up for a charming night under the desert sky?

Once you reach the bottom, you'll take a historic train ride up to the top. You'll feel like you're in a Hallmark movie. 

You can even bring drinks during the ride. Doesn't fresh strawberry lemonade sound pretty good? 

Quad rides are also available if you want to make it a group affair. Groups of four cost $153 or $39 per person. We're firm believers in "the more the merrier!"

Since you'll be riding on actual train tracks, the operators ensure that no trains will be operated at that time. So, you'll have the tracks to yourself and the other riders there. 

Whether you're going with your BFF or for a double-date, this bike ride is a great way to spend time with your favorite person while getting amazing views along the way. 

Rail Explorers

Price: $88 for two people

Address: 601 Yucca St., Boulder City, NV

Why you need to go: You can go on a rail bike ride with your friends for a fun night out. 


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