Have you ever wanted to jump into a bouncy house at that kid's party you went to only to discover it has a weight limit? Well, you're in luck! The world's biggest inflatable theme park is coming to Las Vegas.  

This weekend on October 11 - October 13, The Big Bounce America will be in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring back all that childhood nostalgia. We're talking an inflatable obstacle course, bouncy house, and airSpace, with ball pits, slides, a maze, and more. The best part is that it's for adults only!  

Tickets for an adult-only session are $30 a person and it includes unlimited access to the obstacle course and the airSpace. There's a 3-hour limit and the bouncy house has a dedicated time slot. 

It's important that you bring your A-game if you plan on racing your friends through the obstacle course. We're pretty competitive when it comes to winning. 

The adult-only session is only for those ages 16 and up. It's actually welcomed to act like an extra-large child. I mean who doesn't love a bouncy house and ball pit? Just make sure you wear socks at all times. They don't allow you to go barefoot or wear shoes. They sell special grip socks for $5 a pair.

The 900-foot long obstacle course will definitely make you work up a sweat. You can run, crawl, and bounce on more than 40 types of obstacles. It's time to grab your friends, let loose, and enjoy a day of non-adulting fun. 

The bounce house will have live DJs for you to get your groove on, climbing towers, giant pandas, and loads more fun. Are you ready to play some dodgeball? Or maybe, race your BFF up the climbing tower?

All we know is that this crazy inflatable theme-park will bring out your inner kid. If you're tired from your day of fun, you can sit back, relax, and indulge in some food from the various food vendors. A day filled with good people, food, and fun are what dreams are made of.

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The Big Bounce America Adult-Only Session

Price: $30 per person (3-hour session & includes entrance into The inflatable obstacle course, bounce house, and airSpace)

When: October 11 - October 13 

Location: Craig Ranch Regional Park | 851 Lone Mountain Rd, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032

Why you should go: Bouncy houses, ball pits, and inflatable obstacle courses? Yup. They're for adults only too. 


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