Florida might lack some fall beauty but when it comes to coastal views and historic sites, Palm Beach has it all. If you're looking for long trails by the water in Florida, the Palm Beach Lake Trail is a 5.5 trail with great water views and tons of cool stops along the way.

This trail offers one of the best scenic spots in South Florida where joggers get their morning run and others bike through. Palm Beach is best known as one of the most expensive zip codes in Florida but the quaint trail offers a quick escape from the mundane lifestyle.

Hidden in the western side of Palm Beach, the lake trail offers views from Lake Worth Lagoon and stops along one of the most beautiful mansions in the area. To begin your adventure you must park at the trail’s southern end at South Lake Drive and Peruvian Avenue.

The well-maintained trail will take you through magnificent landmarks such as Town Docks marina which has splendid boats, The Society of the Four Arts, Flagler Museum and more.

According to The Palm Beaches, the trail runs through the backyards of expensive homes, sculptures and a giant kapok tree.

One of the best stops along the way is the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum for its European-style architecture. Other 19th century structures make presence while biking through such as the Sea Gull Cottage and "Whitehall."

The exotic display of trees and vines on the homes provide a one-of-a-kind view. There is also a charming trail that leads to Country Club Road, known as a popular spot for Halloween tales. 

Jaw-dropping views and roads are what make this trail a great afternoon activity and Florida bucket list. 

The Palm Beach Lake Trail

Location: Park at the trail’s southern end at South Lake Drive and Peruvian Avenue.

Why you need to go: This lake trail will take you around Palm Beach's best scenic spots.


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