Let's be honest, we're all obsessing over Netflix's new thriller and since season 2 just wrapped up, we're already looking for ways to get our fix between filming. How are we supposed to wait until 2021 for season 3? 😭 Don't sweat it. We have the best surprise in store for you. There are nine You season 2 filming locations that you can actually visit in California!

Psst. Yes, this list includes Joe's apartment. 

It's no surprise that this show is a must-watch. The internet is freaking out over the series and we are too. 

After all, Penn Badgely is so witty and charming IRL that it's almost hard to hate him as the obsessive serial killer Joe. 

Not all of the spots on this list look the same in person, so we've made a side-by-side comparison, so you can spot the differences. Peep the show on the left and the IRL version on the right.

We don't want to keep you waiting any longer, so let's get to it. This list has enough spots to make the ultimate road trip with your BFFs. 

* Warning: Season 2 spoilers ahead. *

The Angel Wing and Book Wall

Location: 4648 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, California

Description: Do you remember the iconic angel wing and book wall? While it doesn't have the wings in person right now, you and your friends can go pose by the book stack where Joe walked.


Joe Goldberg's Apartment

Location: 1830 Winona Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Description: As promised, here is Joe's apartment. We have to admit, he's got some pretty sweet digs and it's a bibliophile's dream. While you can't go inside (it's private property), you can definitely take pics outside. 


The Loz Feliz Theater

Location: North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Description: You and your BFFs can actually go watch movies in this theater in downtown LA. It'd be a great way to end the night after a day spent exploring.



Location: 1209 E 4th St Ontario, California

Description: You can grab lunch at one of Joe's favorite cafes. This no-nonsense Mexican eatery has some of the best enchiladas in the business.


Skylight Books

Location: 1814 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, California

Description: Skylight Books is a real place. This is not a drill! You can even buy a book as a souvenir.


Henderson's Home

Location: 621 South Mccadden Place, Los Angeles, California

Description: Anyone who remembers the intense fight between predator Henderson and killer Joe knows this house. While it's not exactly the place for parties, it plays a critical role in the show.



Amy's House

Location: 892 W Kensington Rd, Los Angeles, California

Description: If you've watched season 2, you know that Amy is actually Joe's ex Candace - and she's out for revenge. After being buried alive, can you blame her?


Lock of Fame Storage (aka the lock up)

Location: Life Storage, East Commercial Street, Los Angeles, California

Description: You wouldn't expect a lot of crazy and epic moments to happen in a storage unit, yet here we are. 


Joe and Love's New Home

Location: 6301 Orion Avenue, Van Nuys, California

Description: After attempting to murder Love in the storage unit, they end up moving into this charming house in the suburbs AND having a baby... What?


Did we just make all of your You dreams come true or what? Here's to hoping you have the BFF trip of a lifetime and that season 3 of filming wraps up quickly, so we can binge again. 

Editor's Note: Visitors cannot go inside any of the homes on this list, as they are private property. 

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