As cities develop and flourish, it becomes harder to find areas that have been essentially untouched by man. Even though Lousiana is a state with booming cities, there's still so much uninterrupted nature to be explored. This Louisiana swamp tour near New Orleans is the pinnacle of an untouched wetland, that's filled to the brim with wildlife galore. You and your friends can discover "that wild life" up close and personal on this scenic swamp adventure. 

Honey Island Swamp in Slidell, Louisiana is a wetland paradise that you can explore by boat. Rumor has it that this swamp was once inhabited by pirates and even Big Foot, but the one thing we can confirm is this swamp is filled with the most majestic animals. 

Naturally, there are gators roaming the swamp, but you'll also spot raccoons, swamp pigs, owls, turtles, beavers and more that call the 160,000-acre wetland home. 

You'll really get an up close and personal experience with these animals because you can feed these creatures from the boat. It's not every day that you can personally feed a gator.

You don't even have to drain your pockets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's only $25 for a two-hour tour. If you want to make things super convenient, you can arrange roundtrip transportation from your New Orleans hotel with the boat tour for $49. 

If you're looking for a quieter tour, you can opt to kayak instead. It's a bit more costly, but spending a day in the bayou at your own pace is priceless. 

Louisiana is a hub for animal interactions, so if you're not over the cuteness found on the swamp, you can make your way to this otter preserve


Dr. Wagner's Swamp Tour 

Price: $29+

Address: 41490 Crawford Landing Rd. , Slidell, LA 70461

Why You Need To Go: You can admire animals you've only seen on TV up close and personal in this gorgeous wetland. 




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