You could write a million love songs about Miami. The vibrant city is the cultural center of South Florida. If you live in Miami, you can never utter the words, "I'm so bored." There's so much to do! There are events going on all the time, there are new businesses opening up every day, and you've got access to the nicest beaches. 

But at some point, you experience FOMO because other people are branching out and visiting other parts of Florida. Miami is kind of the perfect starting point for day excursions because you can hit up some amazing spots. 

All you have to do is choose your company. So revive that old group chat and head on out the door because adventure is waiting for you. There are so many bucket list places that you have to hit up. 

And, of course, make sure your phones are charged because you won't want to miss a moment documenting your experiences. Get it for the 'gram!

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where: Hobe Sound

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You get a different experience every time. Before you even reach the beach, you walk through a canopy of sea grape trees, which is stunning in the summer and fall. When you get to the beach, you'll be shocked by the bluff of sharp rocks. You can definitely walk on the limestone, but be careful! During high tide, the water will shoot up into the sky through the holes of the limestone. And during low tide, you can walk on the sand and explore the sea caves. Just make sure you've got your phone ready to take a boomerang when the water flies high in the air.

Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Time from Miami: 40 minutes

Where: Fort Lauderdale

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You can't find a bad beach in Florida, but this one is made better by The Strip. This place is ideal for people who love to people watch. Walk on the brickway and you can see the beautiful ocean on one side and the busy city on another side. Your eyes won't know where to look because there's always something catching your eye. Go into the shops and make fun of the tourist traps, grab some ice cream, or settle into one of the pubs. You won't be bored here!

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where: Jupiter

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We all need a lil' cheesiness in our lives. The bar is supposed to be an authentic tiki bar, but who's paying attention to that while you've got a stunning view of the Jupiter Inlet?! Sit on the sand, enjoy the music, and sip on your second or third piña colada. Who's counting when everybody's busy looking out at the boats going in and out? 


Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Time from Miami: 2 hours

Where: Hobe Sound

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Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! This state park is not to be missed because of the endless activities that await you. Take a hike on the wooden boardwalk through the sand hills, upland lakes, and shrub forests. If you're tired of walking, make use of your arm strength and go kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding on the scenic Loxahatchee River. You and your friends could easily make this into a weekend trip and utilize the camp grounds. Come on, you know you miss roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories! 


Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery

Time from Miami: 1 hour

Where: Homestead

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What other winery tour comes with waterfalls and palm trees? Set a whole new meaning for classy brunch by coming here with your girlfriends on the weekend. A lush courtyard, coral waterfalls, and a variety of wine are waiting for you. Tours happen every hour on the weekends and cost $8 per person. Enjoy your boozy brunch!



Time from Miami: 2 hours

Where: Naples

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You don't have to be retired or rich to visit Naples. If you love to golf and shop at the high-end boutiques, you already know all about Naples. But you can still have the time of your life here on a budget. Naples has beautiful white sand beaches for you to relax on if you're looking for a chill day away from Miami. Spend the day swimming, walking around the city, and spending time with your friends as you watch the sunset. 


Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where: Monroe County

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You could easily do Islamorada in a day, but you won't want to. You'll want to spend a weekend here or go as often as you can because of the easy, breezy, island living vibes. There are so many opportunities for you to fish, snorkel, or swim with marine life. Take a guided tour and rent a boat with your friends to split the cost. Set up a hammock or bring your beach blanket to sit on while you catch up on your reading. Really complete the experience by sipping on a frozen umbrella drink.

Your first trip there can be just about taking advantage of the sea activites. Your next trip can be the marine park and the Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park. 

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Butterfly World

Time from Miami: 45 minutes

Where: Coconut Creek

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Experience magic here. Gather your friends (who aren't scared of butterflies) and walk through tropical gardens in six massive aviaries filled with thousands of exotic butterflies. As you walk through, get your phone out and try to take photos of the butterflies. It might be hard, but you could be the lucky one that a butterfly lands on! And if birds are more your thing, you also have the chance to feed some small parrots. It's nice to hang out with animals other than the gators you find in your backyard.


Biscayne National Park

Time from Miami: 1 hour

Where: Homestead

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Aspiring mermaids, come here. Most parks are a mix of hiking and water sports, but this national park is almost exclusively for water activities. There is a nice boardwalk trail, but that's about it. So come here to swim among the sea turtles, dolphins, and colorful fish and attempt to do some yoga on a paddleboard. What's the worst that could happen? You fall in? It's not all that bad when the water is as crystal clear as it is here. 


The Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where: Hobe Sound

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Ready to hang out with some sea turtles? This wildlife refuge has breathtaking beaches and hikes, but take advantage of the seasonal sea turtle night walks that happen from March to October. You can actually witness the female turtles leave the ocean to return to land to lay eggs! Sign all your friends up for this ASAP. 



Time from Miami: 2 hours

Where: The Bahamas

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A ferry ride to the Bahamas? Yes, please. You can take a 2 hour ferry ride to the closest Bahamian island to Florida! This is the ultimate day trip because all you need to do is pack your cutest swimsuits and take your friends who want to experience the most pristine beaches. So put on that wide brim straw hat, sip on that margarita, and explore! You can hang out with sting rays, go scuba diving and see shipwrecks, or just sit in an innertube and soak up the sun. 

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Wynwood Brewery 

Teim from Miami: 15 minutes

Where: Miami

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Sometimes, adventure is right in your backyard. Just 15 minutes from downtown Miami is a brewery that has lowkey and chill vibes for when you and your friends just want to chit chat and catch up. They opened a new tap room that has a clear view of the brewery. If you're curious and want a tour, they offer those on the weekend! But other than that, enjoy talking to the bartenders and they can explain everything they have on tap and suggest something that you will love.


Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where: Key Largo

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As the website says, come and experience an underground playground! When you come here, you're going to want to spend your whole day in the water until every inch of your body becomes a prune. Take a snorkeling tour and you can see a Spanish shipwreck! 


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Key West

Time from Miami: 4 hours

Where: Florida Keys

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Looking for a drive to get away from it all? Drive along Highway 1 and you'll pass through over 40 islands before you even reach Key West! You don't even have to make it to Key West because the drive itself is worth it. You'll see the most beautiful scenery in the world. But if you do want to actually reach Key West, make sure you take a weekend to make the most of it. The highlight of the island is definitely the Dry Tortugas National Park.

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Little Havana Cigar Lounge

Time from Miami: 15 minutes

Where: Miami

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Explore these hidden gems right in your city. Little Havana is a neighborhood around 15 minutes from downtown Miami where you can take a tour of a cigar factory. Step in and you'll be transported to 1950s with a lounge that resembles a library. While you're there, you can learn about cigars as well as experience Cuban espresso while you choose among a variety of premium cigars.


Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Time from Miami: 1 hour

Where: Delray Beach

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Seeking peace and tranquility? Come here to experience a sliver of Japanese culture. Make your way through six Japanese gardens that feature a hidden waterfall and pavilions overlooking ponds. The cultural center is always holding various events, but one that should be on your radar is the Lantern Festival in October. You will hear traditional Japanese music and witness the iconic lantern floating ceremony.


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Everglades National Park

Time from Miami: 1 hour

Where: Homestead

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A visit here is unforgettable. Visit this swampland where you can safely hold and see alligators in their natural habitat. But if that frightens you beyond belief, don't worry. There are so many other things you can do too! There are several outlined kayaking and canoeing trails for you to go on. If you are in for some cardio, you can climb the 65-foot observation tower in Shark Valley for a bird's eye view of the everglades! 

Tip: Make sure you figure out beforehand which entrance you want to go into the park from. There are three of them and they are not interconnected in the park.


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Time from Miami: 1.5 hours

Where:  Collier County

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This small community is filled to the brim with things to see and do. If you love to explore swampland, head to Big Cypress National Preserve and Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. But if you want to get your adrenaline going, check out Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge to see these beautiful but endangered creatures. 

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

Time from Miami: 45 minutes

Where: Fort Lauderdale

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Cute outfit? Check. iPhone fully charged? Check. Now you are ready for the photoshoot of your life. Walk through this historical house and breathtaking gardens and try not to fill all your free phone storage space with pictures of this place. This estate is full of charm and vibrant colors that are perfect for an Instagram photo background. So get your ~influencer~ on and pose, pose, pose.


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The Kennedy Space Center

Time from Miami: 3 hours

Where: Merritt Island

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We're not all equipped to go to space, so experience it from the ground. Before you launch, you can learn about NASA, see the historic launch sites, and even get access to the spaceflight facilities that are in use right now. If you go in October, you can witness a rocket launch!


Laser Wolf 

Time from Miami: 30 minutes

Where: Fort Lauderdale

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Looking for a new bar to call home? This cozy pub is known for its excellent selection of craft beers and for its live music. But the real highlight is the courtyard. It's the best place to just knock back a few and hang out with friends especially if the weather's nice out. 


Knaus Berry Farm

Time from Miami: 45 minutes

Where: Homestead

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Work for your food! Pick a selection of berries and vegetables here for some outdoor fun from November through to April. But if you'd rather skip that, head to the bakery instead to purchase some mouth-watering pies. If you make your way there, make sure to buy a fruit pie and their cinnamon rolls. You won't be able to stop yourself from only buying one thing. Make sure you bring cash though!


Palm Beach Outlets

Time from Miami: 1 hour

Where: West Palm Beach

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Sometimes, you need to do some damage. Get your retail therapy on here at the outlet mall that has over 100 stores. All your brand favorites are here for a discounted price. Does that not sound like a description for heaven itself? Plus, you won't feel like you're wasting time not being outside because you have to walk outside to get from store to store. It's not everybody's definition of being outdoorsy, but it works!


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