Let's be honest — dating in the MIA can get repetitive. You can only have a picnic on the beach, well ... every single day.  But when you're finally burnt to a tomato-y crisp or those impending Florida rainstorms drown out your beach plans, you're going to need some new ideas.

Miami may be the city of sun and sand, but it’s also home to amazing museums, parks, and pop-ups! And this is Miami — everything's sexy here. Even that weird erotica museum probably has some quiet, (possibly creepy), corners for you to get cozy.

Here are some great spots for the next time your gal says, "You never take me anywhere!"

Ladies, you're going to want to forward this to your S/O.

Go kayaking at Oleta River State Park

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Why not get steamy on the river in Florida's largest urban park? Get a double-seater Kayak and float through the mangrove preserves. Or get your own and splash your S/O. A little exercise never hurt a relationship. As Elle Woods would say, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands!" Bonus: you can even wear your bikini!


Add the 'love fruit' to your love life at Mango Fest

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Strawberries are out. Mangoes are IN! Said to have aphrodisiac qualities, this 'love fruit' event on July 14th and 15th is a great way to spice things up! And if you miss it, consider an evening stroll through your neighborhood this mango season! Every house has a mango tree and your neighbors probably won't miss a few ... we hope.


It's OK to feel naughty at Prohibition

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Don't worry. You won't be breaking any laws. But this secret speakeasy will have you swooning for the days of Prohibition! Only open in the evenings and late at night, this romantic spot is one you may not have noticed in the daylight, but will have you shouting, "Bring on the night!" Just beware the swanky dress code!


Why wine & dine her when you can just diner?

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Sure, everyone in Miami knows about Prime 112 and it's fancy dishes, but by the same company, and just as delicious, (and way more Instagram-pleasing), is Big Pink!  This retro-licious diner has all the tasty treats, the perfect IG photo ops, and is open SUPER late. Perfect for a 2 am date, if you're into that!


Enjoy the ultimate movie night

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Pillows, blankets, AND free popcorn!? Chrissy Teigen knows what's up! Sure, the iPic experience is starting to grow in popularity, but if you haven't experienced a movie in this lush, romantic setting, you need to! With award-winning food and drinks from The Tuck Room, and oversized, cozy seating, it will feel like you and your lady have the theatre all to yourselves!


Catch a game of jai alai


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Okay, well maybe you won't want to literally 'catch' one, considering Jai Alai balls travel at nearly 200mph. But if you're looking for an action-packed event you can enjoy from the comfort of your chair, with beer in hand of course, this is it!


Try a spot of tea at this tea spot!

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You don't have to wear a fancy hat to this tea house ... that is unless you want to! Tucked away in Cauley Square in Homestead, The Tea Room [at Cauley Square] has been serving a variety of English teas and dishes for over 40 years and is not to be missed!


Grab a bagel at Josh's Deli

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You may have to schlep yourself out of bed early, but it'll be worth it if you can get to this little Jewish deli in Surfside. Known for its authentic Jewish bread and bagels, Josh's Deli opens early and sells out fast. But even if you miss the bagels, not to worry, they serve breakfast all day.


Don't Paniq...escape!

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Paniq Room Miami will test the limits of your relationship as you try to break free from one of their escape rooms! With multiple room themes to choose from, you and your partner will either escape or maybe kill each other trying. Just don't blame us.


Relax to the music at SoundScape Park

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Stretch out under the palms and beautiful bougainvillea with your S/O as the New World Symphony serenades you! This beautiful new park also has movie screenings, yoga, and other musical acts in an environment that blends art and nature. Perfect for any Florida couple.



For the daredevil couple, there's Miami Skydiving Center

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Your heart will be racing as you free fall over the Miami skyline. By the time you touch the ground, you and your S/O will be holding onto each other for dear life. Can't be mad about that.


The all-American date night with a twist

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Or should we say 'with a bark?' Sure, a baseball game is a classic date and might not be every lady's first pick... except during Bark at the Park! Whose girlfriend hasn't run up to every random dog on street trying to pet it? Now, you can give her all the doggies her heart desires ... in a controlled setting. Plus, America's pastime!


Teach your girl to golf

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Even if you don't really know how to golf, fake it till you make it! And this is a perfect excuse to snuggle close to your gal. The Aqua Golf Driving Range may be known by a select few locals, but it's an often forgotten gem of South Florida. Shocking since this driving range even appeared in the classic comedy There's Something About Mary (1998).


Go horseback riding

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Yep, you heard right. Miami may not be your go-to thought when it comes to horseback riding, but Miami Equestrian Club has been around for years, offering everything from training sessions to private parties. With 17.5 acres of land, you and your girlfriend can ride off into the sunset with no end in sight!


Fine, fine wine with your woman

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You don't have to be in Southern California or the rolling hills of Tuscany to enjoy a little wine country. In fact, Schnebly Redland's Winery was voted Top 18 Wineries in the U.S., providing everything from tours to tastings. Be sure to take advantage of the Friday & Saturday deals like the Ultimate Wine Tastings for Two!


Can't go wrong with a classic

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Float over the Homestead landscape on a hot air balloon provided by Miami Balloon Rides. Just like the ending of every great rom-com, you'll be sure to get the girl with this one.


Love under the stars at Frost Planetarium

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Recently renovated and better than ever, Frost Planetarium will entertain, and in total darkness — a lovers' dream. Looking for a little more action? Be sure to check out Laser Fridays all summer long with unique laser shows projected against the stars, (and without the mosquitos)! Like Ross and Rachel for the millennial age.


Don't like the stars? Try the seas!

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Who said squid aren't romantic? Okay. Okay. We kid. Sure, you may have heard about their planetarium before, but Frost Science also offers a spectacular aquarium. Submerge yourself, (and your S/O), in the surreal blue wonders of the sea. Darling, it's better down where it's wetter. Take it from me.


Vintage romance on the Florida shores

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A perfect trip for two: climbing the steps of Miami-Dade's oldest standing structure. Built in 1825, the historic Key Biscayne lighthouse located at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park will take you up to epically romantic views of Miami's coastline. Only 109-steps to true love.


Kick back and relax at First Fridays at Wynwood Yard

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Yep. It's a yard. Whether you want to throw down a blanket and curl up with your girl as the music plays or let her dance her cares away to Keith Johns and his band, First Fridays at Wynwood Yard are a sure-fire hit. Better yet, this monthly event is free!


Go eat pie

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If you're not looking for it, you might just walk right past it. Not to worry, you can sniff out the delicious pies at Fireman Derek's Bake Shop from a block away. Everything from classic key lime to their "Crack Pie," you'll have plenty of sweet treats to share with your sweetheart.


Take a romantic stroll down the pier

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You'll win major points with this La La Land inspired outing. Set up a dreamy playlist ahead of time and plan for an early morning walk along the water. Later, grab breakfast [all day] at Pura Vida or one of the many other options that decorate the Miami coastline.



Go bowling

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It's not just for your Dad anymore. (Sorry, Dad!) Check out Splitsville's Miami location in the heart of the city. This is one of only six locations across the country, so the MIA lucked out! With specialty cocktails, gourmet dishes, a dress code, and 21+ requirements on late night Fridays and Saturdays, you'll feel like you're at a swanky club...that happens to have a bowling alley in it.


I scream, you scream, she'll scream for ice cream

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There's always going to be something romantic about getting an ice cream cone with your girl. And Azucar Ice Cream is always a hit. Change up the vanilla in your life for one of their Signature Miami Flavors like Platano Madura (Sweet Plantain) or one of their varying seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Flan. A perfect treat to beat the Florida heat.


Paddle in the moonlight... not like that!

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Every month you'll have the opportunity to snag a spot on a moonlight tour in Biscayne Bay with the BG Oleta River Outdoor Center. With glowsticks to lead the way, you can paddleboard down the warm waters of the Bay. Best part? Your tour ends with a bonfire and s'mores. Tip: Not into paddleboards? Single and tandem kayaks are also available. Or you can bring your own watercraft!



Learn to dance, then go dancing

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Every year the Miami Salsa Congress holds a five-day event offering pool parties, dance workshops, showcases, and more! Whether you live in Miami or are just visiting, you need to know how to dance and this is the perfect opportunity to impress your girl. Plus, dancing is practically Miamian law.


Brunch at the Biltmore

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If a girl tells you they don't like brunch, they're lying. Take your lady for a glamorous Sunday Champagne brunch at Fontana at The Biltmore. Can't make it on Sunday? The Biltmore offers other beautiful breakfast options every day of the week! Either way, you may want to make a reservation.


Get lost in a garden

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Sniff all the tropical flowers you want, just don't pick them ... even if your gal begs! The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday 9am-5pm. And most importantly — it's always free!


Dinner in a bird nest

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Komodo is easily one of the most romantic and beautiful restaurants in the heart of Brickell. This Southeast Asian restaurant is equipped with cozy booth seating, candles, foliage, and yes, even some floating birds nests of your dining dreams.


Can you say 'spa day?'

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Miami Spa Month runs July 1st - August 31st. Yes, it's more than a month. We don't get it either. Throughout this time, spas all across Miami participate in exclusive offers and deals, giving you the most for your money at the best spas in town. Couples massage anyone?



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