Have you ever seen those wonderful hot air balloon pictures from Turkey? Well, you don't need to drive or fly far away to get in one of those colorful balloons. A hot air balloon festival is coming soon to Miami and you could finally complete your bucket list. 

Starting on March 1st, you'll have the opportunity to get on a hot air balloon and pose for the camera. The coolest thing about this festival is during night time. It's going to be a family-friendly experience and it's also a great idea for a date.

The festival will take place in Homestead next to the Homestead Miami Speedway and will last three days.  The weather starts getting better during March and you could be experiencing a very starry night. 

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The hot air balloons will glow each night and there will be tethered balloon rides available for the public. Each person riding the balloon will have to sign an insurance waiver. But, if you just want to come for the pictures you could carpool with your friends and pay $20. You can also book the ride in advance for $20. But hurry up, because the rides are almost sold out.

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The hot air balloon glow will start each evening at 7 pm and will last for about an hour. Even if you miss out on the ride, you could get a cool Instagram picture. Guests are also welcomed to bring picnic blankets and camping chairs. The festival will also have food and retail vendors. 

Unfortunately, hot air balloons are not very common in Miami and this could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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So, come ready to glow in the dark and experience the view from up high.  

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