Once you park inside this garage you won't have trouble finding your spot. The Museum Garage is the world's most unique and colorful garage.

This public parking garage is located in the Miami Design District and is hard to miss the unique structure when you drive buy. The seven-story garage features amazing artwork by five different design firms, 45 gold and silver cars hanging from the walls, seahorses in the entrance, and colorful floors on the rooftop. 

The garage has become the it-spot for photographers and influencers to do their photoshoots. If you're wondering where is that pink wall everyone keeps posting about but not revealing the location, it's the Museum Garage. The Museum Garage also features an indoor playground that appears to be close to the public. 

The parking starts at $3 per hour and that's even better than South Beach's street parking fees. You may also find the Institue of Contemporary Art in front of the garage. It is a great are for creative and portrait photography.

The garage is open to the public and you will usually find an empty parking lot on the top floor. You can also see a great panoramic view of the city of Miami and a couple of airplanes flying by. 

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The Museum Garage is located by 61 NE 41st St, Miami, FL 33137.

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