Upgrade your biking adventure for an aquatic road; Blue Ocean Water Bikes offers waterbike tours through the mangroves where you can explore wildlife, and if you're lucky you might just encounter a dolphin up close in the middle of the ocean.

This tour is located in North Miami Beach providing thalassophiles an opportunity to cruise the beautiful mangroves with ease. This tour includes a 90 minutes experience for $75 per person.

Bikers can explore the mangroves, sandbars and open-water while enjoying the city skyline. The waterbikes are easy to pedal providing an easy journey to enjoy wildlife and panoramic views.

Guests have many opportunities and places to discover including the Haulover Beach waterways depending on pedal speed. 

The tour includes waterbike, safety equipment, a bottle of water and photography for memories. It is recommended that guests bring athletic water shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, light summer clothing, hats and light bites since the waterbike has a small storage compartment. 

According to Romond, an Airbnb guest review, "I got to have a Dolphin swim up to me in open water. How rare is that. This was a great tour where I also got a good workout in. Biking on open water, seeing the views felt visually enjoying."

This eco-friendly tour will give you an opportunity to explore beautiful landmarks and marine wildlife without having to get wet. The water bikes provide easy access to sandbars and you will encounter kayakers and paddleboarders around the ocean. 

Summer is about to pick up in Florida and this is a great way to spend your Labor Day weekend doing something unique.

Blue Ocean Water Bikes

Price: $75

Why you need to go: This water bike experience will connect you with nature where you can discover the mangroves and wildlife. It is one of the easy ways to discover sandbars while enjoying the skyline view of Miami.


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