Have you ever dreamed to travel on a gondola through Venice? Well, you can definitely have a romantic evening without traveling all the way to Italy. Las Olas Gondola offers the most romantic tour in a Venetian-style gondola that will make you feel like you just arrived to Europe.

This tour offers guests the privacy they need during their romantic date. The gondolier is in the back of the gondola while couples enjoy a wonderful sunset and eat the most delicious treats. 

This romantic tour is ideal for proposals, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and any other special occasion. Las Olas Gondola is the only authentic Venetian gondola operating in Florida for the last 15 years.

What makes this tour special and different from others is the romantic setup inside the boat. Guests can request a "Message in a Bottle" which features a silky rose with your own romantic message printed on paper. In addition, you can bring you own CDs with your curated romance playlist, but the gondola also offers Italian music upon request.

The gondola features a cocktail table with ice, champagne glasses and plates so guests can bring wine, champagne and other items. The tour encourages guests to bring their own food, but they recommend finger foods since utensils are hard to use on the boat.

The ride is about an hour and fifteen minutes long but you can request an extended trip in advance. The gondolas have been used for many photo shoots and as props for companies such as The Sopranos Television show, Winterfest, Antique Boat Festival and more.

The next time you are looking to suprise your sweetheart, book a gondola that will turn dreams into reality.


Las Olas Gondola

Price: Call 800-277-1390 or 201-919-1999 for pricing as each tour is unique.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why you need to go: This unique Venetian gondola offers the most romantic tour around Las Olas.


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