Instead of waiting for October, you can spend your summer hunting for ghosts and spirits at this eerie town in Florida. Monticello in Jefferson County is considered the most haunted town in the South and a place for ghost hunters and history lovers.

This is one of the most popular sites during Halloween season but you can visit this town year-round. There are a lot of supernatural things happening here which makes the ghost hunting tour more thrilling.

We recommend you take the overnight tour and explore this destination. The Monticello ghost hunting tours are held by Linda Schuyler Ford once a month for $15 per person, and this is the best way to explore history.

Tours depart from the Chamber of Commerce and stop along the route including the Perkins Opera House (now the Monticello Opera House) and the Monticello Old Jail Museum. There are also cemetery tours available for the most adventurous. 

According to Only in your State, the Palmer House is the most haunted place in town with the most ghost activity. Other haunted sites include bed and breakfasts such as Daffodale Estate, the Avera-Clarke House, and the John Denham House which remains a top spot to spend the night with a ghost.

Scary storytelling concerts also take place in Monticello with walking tours that lead up to 12 stops. The ghostly trail is one of the most exciting things to do during the Halloween season. 

Monticello has many buildings from the late 1800s and a number of activities to enjoy around. All tours leave from the Chamber of Commerce and it is suggested to reserve ahead of time. For more information about the tours and times offered click here or call (850) 997-5552. 

Monticello, FL

Price: $15.00

Address: 420 West Washington Street

When: Once a month

Why you need to go: It has been dubbed the "Most Haunted Town in the South"


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