If you're downtown this weekend seeing all of the cute Christmas decorations, there's one extra stop you have to make. LUNA Fête in New Orleans this weekend, and it's the only free interactive light show in New Orleans. Lights are projected on to the front of Gallier Hall to make it look like the building is alive! With tons of light sculptures, interactive pieces, and tech-based art, this event is definitely something to make a whole night out of. 

The idea of LUNA Fête comes from the "Fête des Lumieres," an illumination festival that lights up Lyon, France each winter. LUNA Fête began in 2014 as just one light show and has now expanded into something much bigger. 

LUNA Fête uses technology to project images directly onto the front of the old New Orleans City Hall. It makes the building look like it's actually alive and moving. 

LUNA Fête also has a multi-block art installation that features tons of technology-based, light-up sculptures for the ultimate illuminated experience. 

This year's theme is The Shadow Circus. In addition to the main show, it will include interactive exhibits that lets people "paint" with colorful light projections and manipulate lights and shadows around Lafayette Square via a special camera. 

It takes place this Thursday, Dec. 12 through Sunday, Dec. 15 with nightly projections every hour on the hour from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The main light show is projected onto Gallier Hall, and the best spot to watch is in Layette Square. The other sculptures are placed all along Lafayette and Fulton Streets. Definitely grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from one of the vendors set up on the street. 

While the projections and themes are different each year, the idea stays the same. To celebrate all things New Orleans, and to make Gallier Hall look alive.

Using technology called "projection mapping," artists can make it look like buildings are moving and changing, even crumbling before our very eyes. 

While you're in the downtown area, why not grab a bowl of gumbo and check out some of the best Christmas decorations in town?



Price: Free

When: December 12-December 15

Address: 602 Camp St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: An interactive light show and multi-block art pop-up that's like nothing you've ever seen. 

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