Taking a gondola ride through the rivers of Venice might be on everyone's life bucket list because it might just be the most romantic thing you can do. It's a little difficult to get all the way over to Italy, but getting to Louisiana is a little easier. This gondola ride in New Orleans is one of the most romantic activities in the entire city that you just have to try. 

City Park in New Orleans is a landmark and a "must see" when you visit. Throughout the park is a river that makes for beautiful scenery. Nola Gondola has made its home on this river since 2004 and people have been loving it ever since. 

Who says you need to go all the way to Italy or Las Vegas to go on one of these cool boat rides? This one in City Park will do the job, and let us tell you, the price is much better than what you would be paying across the pond. 

You'll be able to spend 50 minutes gliding through the lagoon of City Park while listening to romantic Italian music the whole time. Robert Dula brought this gondola straight from Venice, so it's as real as it gets. He actually named it after his mother, Bella Mae.

Your ticket admits two people to ride in the gondola, but you can have up to six at a time for a little extra charge of $10 each. We have a feeling you'll want to keep it intimate with you and your guest so it'll only be $100 for two. That is a steal for an experience like this.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does. Each ride comes with an ice bucket, ice and champagne or wine glasses. You have to bring your own beverages, but they take care of the rest. 

While you're in City Park, you need to check out the Botanical Gardens that will just add to your romantic day. Then, you can hit all of these places in Louisiana to keep the theme through your entire trip. 


NOLA Gondola 

Price: $100 for a couple 

Address: Big Lake Trail, New Orleans, LA 

Why You Need To Go: You will get the feel of being right in Venice when you take a ride on this romantic gondola ride. 


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