There's no contest, Oklahoma is hands-down one of the most beautiful and historic states in the entire USA, so it is not surprising that there are millions of tourists drawn here every year. While there are almost endless sites to see there are definitely some that stand out among the rest, and that is exactly what we are here to tell you about.

No matter if you are a passing vacationer or a lifetime resident, updates to your travel bucket list will be totally necessary after you learn about the surreal places in Oklahoma below. 

And without further delay...

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Where: 660 Route 66, Arcadia

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You have and will never see a gas station/restaurant/roadside attraction like this anywhere else. There is no missing the 66ft tall neon soda bottle marking the entrance of what could be soda-pop heaven. Even cooler is the inside where you will have a choice of over 700 different and wildly colored drinks. While everyone can agree this place is pretty sweet — every pun intended — one thing that still remains an undivided opinion is if the sugary fizzy deliciousness should be called coke, pop, or soda. 


The Womb

Where: 25 NW 9th Street, Oklahoma City

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The state is full of colorful, inviting sites — and The Womb is no exception. If you couldn't have guessed from the photo, this art complex is one of the most eccentric in the entire state inside and out, just as the creator Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips wanted it. Here you will find tons of psychedelic and vibrant art, and the main exhibit dedicated to exactly what the name suggests, the unambiguous "womb room."


Sipokni West

Where: 2200 Saw Mill Rd, Mill Creek

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With the recent release of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, it's pretty safe to assume that everyone is basically obsessed with the Wild West right now, making the Sipokni West Old West Movie Town an absolute hidden gem. Complete with a saloon, gunfights, a western style eatery, and just about everything you could imagine an Old West 1800s town would have, it's pretty clear why this movie set is a popular sightseeing destination. Who needs Tahiti when you have Oklahoma?


The Center of the Universe

Where: 20 E Archer St, Tulsa

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It sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, that's because it is. Although it may sound like it, "The Center of the Universe" is not actually the center of the universe — but actually a small concrete circle in the middle of a larger circle of bricks located in downtown Tusla, ultimately marking the location of an unexplained acoustic phenomenon. This strange occurrence is something you definitely need to try out if you are ever in the area, and all you have to do is stand in the middle of the circle and make a noise, then you will hear the sound echo back several times louder. Seriously unreal.

Turner Falls Park

Where: US-77, Davis

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This is not just your standard nature park; it's the type you go to if you are looking for a truly fairytale-like adventure. Featuring an impressive stone castle, a clear-blue water swimming hole with a waterfall, caves, caverns, and overlooks, places in Oklahoma don't get much more surreal than this right here.


Blue Whale of Catoosa

Where: 2705 N Highway 66, Catoosa

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What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than by jumping off of a gigantic smiling swimming whale? Well, we at least can't think of anything more unique than that, so be sure to put the Blue Whale of Catoosa on your list of summer to-do's, and at very least you can take some one-of-a-kind photos like these lads who clearly know how to have a good time (and probably a drone).

Oklahoma City Underground

Where: 1 N Broadway Ave, Sheraton Hotel, Oklahoma City

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Easily one of the most popular photoshoot spots for the local millennials, the Oklahoma City Underground is more than just a network of picturesque neon-lit walkways. Amazingly, the tunnels cover over 20 city blocks, are filled with exhibits of art and history, and lead to a conglomerate of hidden shops and even a post office. 


Totem Pole Park

Where: 21300 Highway 28 A, Chelsea

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Native Americans are a big part of American history, and definitely so in OK. This enormous sculpture park is just one of many Native American-inspired sites found throughout the state, however, this one features a concrete totem pole so large it has a room inside it; and plenty of other smaller but still as impressive totem poles all crafted by the hands of Ed Galloway. 

The American Pigeon Museum

Where: 2300 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City

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It's not uncommon to hear pigeons referred to as "rats with wings," but a visit to the American Pigeon Museum may just change the way you view these misunderstood feathered friends. Pigeons are extremely intelligent creatures, aiding humans for centuries, and this museum is here to tell you all about what makes these birds oh-so-special. Oh, and yes you can totally get up close and personal to all kinds of pigeons you never even knew existed. 


Natural Falls State Park

Where: US Highway 412 West, Colcord

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No matter where in the world you may be, there is something so enchanting about waterfalls, which is exactly why this 77ft waterfall in Natural Falls State Park makes our list. With blue roaring water and wildlife all around, much resembling a tropical jungle landscape, this is truly some of Oklahoma's extraordinary natural beauty at it's finest. 

Bowling Ball Yard

Where: E021 Road, Nowata

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Art exhibits are plentiful in Oklahoma, although none are quite like the Chris Barbee's Bowling Ball Yard in Nowata. Here you will find several displays made from a collection of different colored bowling balls, and now you can finally stop wondering what happens to retired bowling balls because they probably end up here.

Holy City of the Wichitas

Where: 262 Holy City Rd, Cache

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Jerusalem is a little bit of a trek from the western United States, but the Holy City of the Wichitas makes it feel a little closer to home. This authentic ancient-looking site was constructed in the early 1900s as a place to tell the story of Jesus Christ through reenactments, growing bigger and more predominate year after year. After nearly a century of plays and religious events, the location easily draws thousands of onlookers yearly.


Cave House of Tulsa

Where: 1623 Charles Page Blv, Tulsa

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An odd house with an odd history to match. The Cave House of Tulsa is a funky little addition to an otherwise normal-looking house, and while the outside is already shocking the inside is just as wild, making us wonder how the heck the construction was done. Believe it or not, the adobe was constructed in the 1920s and served the community as a chicken restaurant. Rumor has it that the eatery was more than just that — also serving as a secret speakeasy during the dry days of prohibition, and apparently, there are hidden passages and a secret room to back up the claims. 

The Toy and Action Figure Museum

Where: 111 South Chickasaw Street, Pauls Valley

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You don't have to be a child to appreciate the toys in this museum, in fact, you will probably be able to appreciate it more since most of the toys here are the very same ones from your childhood — you know, the days before the internet was readily at your fingertips. You will see Gizmo, R2-D2, and of course all of the superheroes you grew up idolizing, but what makes this museum so surreal is the fact that it is the world's only museum devoted solely to the art and collection of action figures. 


Wichita Mountains

Where: 20539 Oklahoma 115 Scenic, Lawton

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With valleys full of blooming wildflowers, blue water streams, caverns, and a heard of wild buffalo that are the direct descendants of 15 American bison from the Bronx Zoo ultimately saving the species from extinction over 100 years ago, the Wichita Mountains are nothing less than a scenic western wonderland. Basically, it doesn't get more "Oklahoma" than this.


BOK Tower

Where: 175 E 2nd St, Tulsa

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BOK Tower was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the same architect that designed the World Trade Center, and was erected about 3 years after the New York skyscraper. This similarly designed building is almost exactly half the size of the original tower and was at one time the tallest building in the city. While it is no longer the tallest, it is still one of the most recognizable due to the history of the Twin Towers.  


Where: Sooner Park, SE Quail Ridge Loop Bartlesville

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This charming recreation area features an observation tower that has become a bit of a local highlight; the Playtower was constructed in 1963 as a commissioned gift to the local children, with a design inspired by the space age and Mobius strip. The tower has gone through some restoration efforts throughout the years and recently reopened fully restored in 2014. The tower now remains a timeless spectacular viewpoint in Sooner Park. 

Ollie's Station

Where: 4070 Southwest Blvd, Tulsa

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Know a railroad lover in your life? If you answered yes then a trip to Ollie's Station is an absolute must, as it will be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dining experience. You will be seated in an old train station full of railroad and train memorabilia, as well as model trains running the length of the dining area, navigating through the scale model cities and towns. Even the food is made in a traditional style that the restaurant swears your grandma would approve of.  


Philbrook Museum of Art

Where: 2727 S Rockford Rd, Tulsa

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This Italian-villa style mansion contains some of the most awe-inspiring contemporary artwork of its time, so admittedly it's easy to overlook the actual impressive property design itself. The mansion has over 70 spacious rooms, many of which filled with only the finest building materials including marble and wood, and the garden is brilliantly landscaped to near-perfection. 


Annie Okies Runway Café

Where: 5915 Philip J Rhoads Ave, Bethany

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Cue Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"... I definitely can't be the only one who had that song pop in their head when they heard the name of this cafe, right? Anyways before I further digress, believe it or not, people fly here to get a bite to eat! That's right, Annie Okies is a cafe for hungry pilots and airplane fanatics alike. If you like eating while watching planes glide into the air and land next to you on the runway, you will thoroughly enjoy a meal at Annie's.

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