Are you looking for a spring or summer escape? While travel options are limited right now, creativity is not. Whether you're chilling on the couch or treating yourself to a much-needed glass of Pinot noir, there's always a good time to let your mind wander to a dreamy destination. Oregon Garden's virtual tour provides the best plant therapy.

The Oregon Garden offers 80 acres of lush land in Silverton for you to roam.

Inside its gates, you'll find over 20 smaller specialty botanical gardens that showcase the beauty of the state. 

While the gardens are temporarily closed to the public, you can still discover hundreds of plants and stop to 'smell the roses' by the Rose Petal Fountain.

Your 10-minute-long tour gives you a bird's eye view of the greenery, and you'll feel like you're soaring as the camera pans around.

Soothing music in the background turns this escape into the serenity you need. Slip into your comfiest pair of PJs and slippers and you're set. 

You'll start your journey by the beautiful Axis Fountain before heading through tall green hedges into a well-manicured field of flowers.

The pathway leads into a row of plants that seems never-ending.

Why not stay awhile? The orange-colored blooms are so lovely!

As you fly above the land, keep your eyes open for some purple blooms scattered in the Axis Garden.

Next, you'll reach the Bosque. This grove is filled with four stunning ponds and dark-colored Maple Trees. 

All throughout your journey, you'll be serenaded by a private piano concert for one. You just might feel like you're actually walking the garden grounds.

If you've been looking for more at-home activities, you should also join this virtual art class hosted by one of California's most famous illustrators. Who knows what you might create?

Oregon Garden

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: You can treat yourself to virtual garden therapy.


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