In the perpetual summer heat of Florida, there are many cool places to find respite, literally and figuratively. But when you’re craving elements of a cool spring day, it can be a little harder to come by in constant 80-degree weather.

And what’s more Spring than frolicking with flocks of exotic butterflies? Thankfully, Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter offers just such an experience.

Lukas boasts a rich history of agriculture, having been established in 1912 and flourishing for over 100 years in the same location. It is one of the largest nurseries and butterfly conservatories in Florida.

Along with butterflies, Lukas offers over 2000 exotic and unusual plants not found in ordinary garden centers.

The butterfly conservatory is open year-round, offering a place of peace and oneness with nature. The constant flow of running water is accompanied by classical music, vibrant colors of exotic plants and fruits brightening the air.

Watch where you step, for a myriad of tiny quails run loose across the ground. Along with the largest variety of native butterflies, colorful finches flit about like flying flowers. You can spend hours just trying to capture photos of them all.

In a closed-off space, there are housed a small group of butterflies who are fed an exclusive diet of human-made nectar. Guests are encouraged to dip a finger in the nectar and offer to the butterflies; they will eagerly climb on and sip from your hand!

While the nursery and the encounter are open year-round, the butterflies are most active between April and September. They are “solar activated,” so you’ll see the most flying around on particularly warm and humid days.

Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter

Price: $8

When: Year-round!

Address: 1909 Slavia Road, Oviedo, FL 32765

Why You Need To Go: To experience the largest and most beautiful variety of butterflies in Florida!

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