Brazil is a country of spice, color, and culture. Home to some of the strongest drinks (caipirinha, anyone?), the flashiest dances (samba!), and the sexiest fighting style you probably haven't heard of, known as capoeira -- and now you can take a free dance class in Orlando

If you're American and have heard of this obscure art, it's probably because of Eddy Gordo from Tekken. Or maybe even the super-lame-but-still-kind-of-fun '90s movie Only the Strong. Yeah, '90s kids might not even remember that one.

Let's backtrack for a second. Capoeira is a rich and pretty old art, created by the slaves that were brought over from Africa to Brazil. It was a way for them to keep their culture alive, but also to learn how to defend themselves.

But you couldn't be learning how to fight on a plantation, right? That's where the dancing comes in.

Accompanied by several different musical instruments, a circle is formed while two people “dance” inside. What they're really doing, of course, is sparring. Sexily. Very sexily. The movements are fluid, acrobatic, and dynamic, dance-like, playful, and dangerous all at the same time.

Luckily, it fooled the plantation owners long enough for capoeira to survive slavery and eventually be brought to the United States in the '70s.

Today in Orlando, capoeira finds one of its many homes in the school of Capoeira Guerreiros, led by American-born Contramestre Folclore.

What's special about Folclore's school is that he boasts the lineage of Mestre Nô, an icon of Capoeira Angola in Bahia, Brazil (seriously, this guy is called the “Mestre dos mestres,” master of masters. It’s the real deal).

Folclore’s school offers classes for kids and adults, as well as private classes. It’s a place of community, culture, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Music, dance, and martial arts meet under a roof of good people helping you to be your best self.

The best part? Your first class of sexy dance fighting is free! Now you have no excuse!

Whether you're looking to get fit, try a crazy awesome new hobby, or meet some really cool new friends, capoeira can open some very interesting doors for you. Did we mention it's for everyone? Because it is. So bring Mom, too!

Capoeira Guerreiros

Price: First class free!

When: Anytime!

Address: 829 Woodbury Rd Orlando, FL 32828

Why You Need To Go: To get in shape, try an awesome new hobby, and immerse yourself in Brazilian culture!

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