Have you ever caught yourself watching a murder mystery and unraveling the plot long before it’s shown on screen? Do you find yourself guessing the twist before all your friends do? It takes a special kind of mind to think in the unexpected ways of a good murder mystery story, and now you can put your own mind to the test because a giant interactive Clue game, CluedUpp, is taking over Orlando in November!

For one day in November, CluedUpp is coming to Orlando and turning the streets into a giant live-action game of Clue!

The outdoor detective game transports you back to 1960’s London, where the world-famous Kray twins have just been murdered. Now, over 100 amateur sleuths will race to solve the mystery.

Don’t be discouraged by the word amateur, though. It comes from the Latin word “amare,” meaning to love. To do things for the love of it! So, whether you fancy yourself a real cracker of mysteries, or just enjoy a real good story, this is for you!

To participate, you’ll need at least two friends to team up with (with a maximum of six), and a smartphone. The mystery unfolds virtually through an app and is entirely self-guided. A purchase of one ticket covers your entire group. You’ll also need to think up a clever group name, and 1960’s inspired costumes are greatly encouraged.

The event is scheduled to start between 10a.m. and 1p.m., with a finish before 5p.m. Depending on how savvy you and your group are, the case could last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. Generally, however, the average squad of detectives takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

You won’t just be winning bragging rights, though. There are several different prizes for categories like the fastest team, the best fancy dress (this is seriously a great time to cosplay any 1960’s style gear you’ve got hiding in your closet), best team picture, best team name, and more!

If a day of combing Orlando streets hunting down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects, catching the killer, and cracking the case sounds like your cup of tea, grab your tickets before they sell out now!

CluedUpp Orlando

Price: $45

When: November 2nd

Address: Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Play detective for a day with a group of friends around the entire city of Orlando!

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